22 Jul 2009

All About iWeb Competition Time

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As I mentioned in my post last month, just before going on holiday the first anniversary of All About iWeb is fast approaching and to celebrate I was going to run a competition.

I have been giving it some thought over the last few days and felt that rather than have a ‘show us your best iWeb site’ competition I would run something else

So here it is; the All About iWeb first anniversary competition. And all you have to do to enter is leave a comment!

The difficult bit is within that comment I want you all to take a guess at the exact number of page views All About iWeb will have had from when it first started until midday (Central European Time) on 11 August 2009.

The person who gets the closest guess to the actual number of page views will be the winner.

“What’s the prize?” I hear you cry. A brand spanking new iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen) 4Gb – the one that talks to you!!

That’s it, isn’t easy? To give you a head start the figure is more than 150,000 (thank goodness) so get your comments and guesses in. I shall publish the winner’s name shortly after midday on 11 August.

Good luck!!

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37 Responses to “All About iWeb Competition Time”

  1. Reply Joe says:

    I am a fairly new subscriber. I will guess you will have had 265,000 page views by Aug 11. Thanks.

  2. Reply BrOkEnXii says:

    I think it will be around…154,500

    Good luck guys 😀

  3. Reply Greg says:

    I’m guessing : 205,000

    Cheers for the great site


  4. Reply Alan Johnson says:

    I’ll guess at 197655

  5. Reply Ultan says:

    Hope I win! 🙂

  6. Reply thierry rabaud says:

    Tim said more than 150,000.00 you might want to restate your number 😉

    I’m guessing 200,000

    Good luck everybody

  7. Reply Josiah says:

    I’ll guess 630,000

    Good luck everyone!

  8. Reply Emily says:

    I guess 196,842

    Thanks & Good Luck all

  9. Reply Jörn says:

    My guess is 203000.

  10. Reply Carlos says:

    I’m guessing 525,196

  11. Reply iMaster says:


    Ultan – It is MORE than 150,000…might want to take another guess…

  12. Reply Ultan says:

    Sorry I wasn’t thinking when I first guessed. I guess 239’000 views.
    Sorry 😀

  13. Reply Marnie Joy says:

    311, 808

    Just starting in the mac world and attempting to set up a blog (with a bit more design freedom then the templates) – I really appreciate your work here. Thanks!

  14. Reply Chris says:


    Great site!

  15. Reply Erik says:

    My wild guess is 174,000..

    Good luck everyone!

  16. Reply adam says:

    dare i say, 197,643

  17. Reply Chris says:

    Nice site! Thanks for the vast sharing of knowledge!
    I guess 277,777.05

  18. Reply Zeus says:


    good luck!

  19. Reply Janice Skivington says:

    I am guessing about 300,000 because (compliment here) I have been visiting your site for all of your good advice about 1000 times myself. Thanks for all the good work Tim!

  20. Reply Vinny says:


  21. Reply Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for your efforts here! Wonderful help.

  22. Reply Eric Tuell says:

    Ummm 300,221 views 😀

  23. Reply June Bongcalas says:

    I guess, 280,000…

  24. Reply Nim says:

    I’m guessing 269,642! Random number, however, I hope I win!!!

  25. Reply Pam says:

    198,000 – crossing my fingers!

  26. Reply Simon Kemp says:

    411,500 🙂

    Thanks for the competition.



  27. Reply Jim Wilson says:

    Thanks for an informative website.

    Competition – 276,438.


  28. Reply Charmian says:

    Since I haven’t a clue, I’ll use the number of page views from my blog — 136,066. Okay, now I’m depressed. Need to win the iPod to cheer me up.

  29. Reply JoeMeister says:

    My guess: 201,000

  30. Reply Elias says:

    New Reader, about a month now. Thanks for all the posts, they have been most helpful. I will guess 211, 777 page views. Keep up the Great Work!

  31. Reply Jeffrey Roy says:

    My gusee is 1,039,042

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