23 Jul 2010

It’s some more beautiful iWeb sites

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I love doing these posts. Not only do I get the chance at what I enjoy most, looking at web-sites, but I get loads of inspiration too. Judging from the amount of e-mails I get following a ‘beautiful iWeb sites’ post you all love them too.

So here’s another collection of (in my opinion) gorgeous web-sites, built with iWeb.

This time we are starting of with an iWeb blog;

Dusty Rucksack


Principle Legal Services

Nick de Clercq

Beach Cities Furniture

Pluto Media

Ciccia Design Agency

Elise Dee

Moretti & Moretti

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18 Responses to “It’s some more beautiful iWeb sites”

  1. Reply Jim Patterson says:

    I like this… I used to use Dreamweaver and it would take me ages, totally not intuitive. Then I switched to an iMac and discovered iWeb! The pros think if it is this easy it must not be good. HAAAA! Poo on that.

  2. Reply Tweets that mention Its some more beautiful iWeb sites | All About iWeb -- Topsy.com says:

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  3. Reply Carlos Feliciano says:

    Wow these websites look awasome. I need help. I have created my first website and it has already been published. The more I make it better the more I feel things are missing. Please check it out and let me know what I am not seeing. Thank you.

    • Reply Tim Bowden says:


      If I was being picky I would say lose the splash screen, it does absolutely nothing for the site and be careful on your choice of fonts. I like to review sites in IE (it is still a very popular browser afterall) and your text becomes a mismatch on a few pages. Finally can you do something about the buttons. The text has a background color that is different to the torn paper buttons and it doesn’t look nice.

      But that is me being picky like I said. Its a nice site and will evolve over time I am sure.


  4. Reply Thierry says:

    I checked your site, very clean, very nice.
    Good job

  5. Reply Carlos Feliciano says:

    Thank you Thierry.

  6. Reply Carlos Feliciano says:

    Thanks Tim. I finally did something about the text in the buttons and it finally kept from messing the font up,lol. I check the website everyday at work on IE and make notes on what worked and what did not. I will work on the font and the buttons and let you know how it goes. Thank you very much for the input!

  7. Reply Isaac says:

    It’s just been uploaded a few weeks ago and will probably see more changes in the future, but what do you think about my made in iWeb website?


  8. Reply smartartist says:

    I’ve gotto say these updates of iweb designs have been an inspiration, thank you! I’ve just done my first ever website for a friends wine bar, it’s live but not publicised yet or google ready. Any input before I put my head on the chopping block would be much appreciated.
    cheers, http://www.ficowinebar.com.au

  9. Reply Dave says:

    I love the minimal and clean sites here!
    I’ve just finished doing my business website – what is everyone’s opinion of splash screens? I know Tim has said before that they don’t always add to the site. Should I lose mine?

  10. Reply leanora porter says:

    visit: http://www.viditajewelry.com, also made in iweb. yes, it can be limiting, but there are always ways around! i’m a freelance web designer and i yet no reason to leave iweb for a different program. who says easy can’t be sophisticated?

  11. Reply M says:

    I need some help, im using iweb to create my website..how do i get it so i can have thumbnails down one side of the page and when you click on them they enlarge in the same page (like a portfolio) and that i can have my navigation menu on the side rather than the top of the page?

    Kind regards,

  12. Reply dre says:

    This is the first web site I’ve ever built & it still under construction.


    Generally it works ok, but the ‘page transition’ is pretty annoying. There’s a bright white flash when you click from one page to the next. Is there any way I can make this smoother/less jarring to the user?


  13. Reply Michael says:

    100% iWeb (no domain at the moment thought – still testing before going live)

  14. Reply Bruno says:

    This was my first website, 10% iweb, is about competition pigeons, i had a lot of work with the photos of pigeons, anyway, i would like to know what you guys think of it.

    I am still working on it but it is already online.

    Please.. tell me what should i change.

  15. Reply Joe says:

    Great Site. I have designed my site on iWeb- works great but I do feel some of the pages load up a little too slowly.

  16. Reply Sassy says:

    Hi all! Some really great looking sites, very inspiring, thank you for posting 🙂

    I have a question if anyone can help me please. I’m very, very new to iWeb. I want to make myself a site, the most important thing I need is a gallery as I am a creative artworker/designer.

    I would like to show some before and afters within this gallery, i.e. A photoshop file that I have a retouched. I’m thinking I can make up jpegs showing the before and after in one file but I guess they’ll be hard to see. So, is it possible to have a page of thumbnails which can be clicked on to enlarge them for easier viewing?

    I’d be really grateful for any help, I am trying to find this out for myself, but nothing seems to fit the bill! Just a way of doing thumbnails which are clickable to enlarge them. Hope this makes sense 🙂

    Thank you, Sassy

  17. Reply David Powers says:

    Hi Tim
    Like dre above comments, I too share this problem of quick white flashes before each page loads. It’s very distracting. On the iweb page menu I imported a 20kb jpg file for the background and browser. I’m sure this is part of the problem but I would not like to give up this custom feature. My photos are about 100kb but I really need the detail and I don’t mind the slow loading nearly as much as the white flashes before the page loads. I thought it was that I had used a blank white “theme” but even with the black theme the white image always flashes first. Is this just unavoidable when you use the image option for the background?

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