19 May 2011

Coming soon – 21 Days to a better iWeb site

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All About iWeb has been around for over 2 and a half years now and in that time I must have seen thousands of iWeb sites. Some good and some not so good. Not through any fault of the iWeb user, they are only doing what Apple designed iWeb for, picking their favorite theme, adding a splash of content and then publishing to MobileMe.

That is why I have written 21 Days to a Better iWeb Site. The program has been designed after long and careful planning and aimed solely at iWeb users who want to get a little bit more from their iWeb site; whether it is a completly new iWeb site or just redesigning an old one.

Starting on 1 June and running for 21 Days (obviously) I will be publishing a lesson on nice and wide, ad free pages that takes you from the initial stages of picking the right theme for your iWeb site right through to Day 21 where I will explain lots of tips and useful advice to get your iWeb seen on mobile devices. In between we’ll be discussing how to design a good Home page, About Me page, how to get SexyBookmarks on your iWeb site, using video, images and sound, alternative RSS methods, picking a good host and promoting your iWeb site to the world. Everything I can think of to make a gorgeous and successful iWeb site is covered.

The whole three week program is not designed to replace any of the tutorials that are already available on the internet, either on Apple, All About iWeb or any other iWeb tutorial site, rather they are there to add to them. Each day’s lesson will include links to many of the already published tutorials to save you looking, along with helpful sites and examples.

And when you have completed all 21 days you will then be able to download the whole package as an eBook in either PDF or eBook format; that way you can refer to it time and again whenever you are building an iWeb site.

Here’s the complete list of lessons (althought the titles may change, you can get the idea).

Day 1 – Picking the right iWeb theme for your iWeb site.
Day 2 – Preparing the ground for your iWeb site.
Day 3 – Your iWeb site’s home page.
Day 4 – Building the perfect About Me page.
Day 5 – iWeb Photo pages.
Day 6 – Adding movies to your iWeb site.
Day 7 – Writing an iWeb blog.
Day 8 – Producing podcasts for your iWeb.
Day 9 – Consider other iWeb pages.
Day 10 – Navigation your iWeb site.
Day 11 – iWeb headers and footers, the right way.
Day 12 – An iWeb store, selling things on-line.
Day 13 – Get testing, make your iWeb site work.
Day 14 – Getting ready to go live.
Day 15 – Get your iWeb site on Google.
Day 16 – Favicons and other nice bits.
Day 17 – Publishing your iWeb site.
Day 18 – iWeb site promotion.
Day 19 – Adding some social bookmarks.
Day 20 – RSS Feeds in iWeb sites.
Day 21 – Make your iWeb site mobile.

This package has taken me a lot of time and work to collate and write so I will be releasing it as ‘premium’ content; you will have to sign-up for it. You will be able to subscribe from 1 June and as a special offer, the first 21 people to sign up will get the whole package for just $21. After that the price will go up a smidge to $30. I hope to see you all in June!

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13 Responses to “Coming soon – 21 Days to a better iWeb site”

  1. Reply Kay says:

    I would love to pay for this, but is there any guarantee it will help ordinary people who are not Uber-Geeks with heavy duty CSS experience and programming expertise? Real folks who use iWeb because it is accessible by people without huge tech expertise? If so, I’m in!

  2. Reply Peita says:

    I’m with Kay – I am about to embark on my first use of iWeb, or anything like it as a matter of fact, so would be super keen as long as there is some chance I can bumble through it. If so, I am in too!!!!!

    • Reply Tim Bowden says:

      Kay & Peita,

      The series will be less techie tutorial based and more explanaition based. There are a few ‘proper’ tutorials which involve coding (such as the SexyBookMarks and a new take on the Photo Page) but the majority is advice on design, layout and construction. It is designed, I think, to make the average iWeb user stop and consider their design rather than rushing in head first and publishing something that looks like a lot of other iWeb sites. I want to make iWeb users think before they start either a new site or a redesign and say ‘Oh yeah, I hadn’t thought of that!’. I have tried to write it all in an style that is easy to understand and follow with plenty of screen shots.


  3. Reply Johnny says:

    Me too!

    PS, your speech bubbles that come up as your icons rise in your ‘share the knowledge’ section above, for facebook etc, come up behind the body of text relating to this 21 days, after ‘post to stumble upon’ and then half of ‘post to deli…..’.



  4. Reply Isabel Villavecchia says:

    I am in too!!! I think you are great in whatever you do!!. I have learned everything with your tutorial so i will pay for this program for sure.
    Thank you Tim



  5. Reply Juanjo says:

    HI Tim.

    How I could subscribe to this? I don’t know how. 🙁



  6. Reply Megan Rockey says:

    I would like to sign up for this. Let me know how to do so!

  7. Reply Mr G. says:

    I’m in !

  8. Reply Bart says:

    I’m in too 🙂

  9. Reply michel says:

    I can’t wait…



  10. Reply Paul says:

    Definitely interested and will be signing up.

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