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27 Mar 2012

MobileMe To A Real Web Host – Time Is Running Out

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Switching from MobileMe to a web host is continuing its trend as a hot topic within the iWeb community. As the deadline approaches, more and more iWeb users are beginning to realize the urgency to make the switch. In order to avoid running into any problems and having downtime for your website, it is recommended that you purchase hosting from a web host as soon as possible. If you have yet to do so, please make sure you take some time within the next couple of weeks to educate yourself and make the change. The video below will show you how to switch from MobileMe to a web host in a very easy way. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

12 Mar 2012

iWeb Hosting Update – MobileMe Days Are Numbered

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A very popular topic of conversation floating around the iWeb community these days is MobileMe being discontinued. This discontinuation is going to leave iWeb users stranded in terms of hosting their websites.

It’s been mentioned on this site many times that it’s important to take care of this situation sooner rather than later. We’ve also spoken about RAGE Web Hosting a few times, and how RAGE is the only web hosting company who knows iWeb well enough to provide high quality iWeb support for its hosting clients. I also want to mention how some of the features available to iWeb users hosting with MobileMe might work a bit different with your new web host. The main thing I wanted to discuss is password protection. Something that bothered me about MobileMe’s password protection feature was that you had to password protect your entire website, as opposed to just individual pages on your site.

In a recent post on the RAGE Web Hosting blog, RAGE introduced a new and easy way for iWeb users to password protect individual pages on their website. I think this method of password protection is great for iWeb users, as it can be difficult to password protect a page. This method makes it so easy that anyone can do it.

The video below is the tutorial on password protecting an individual page in iWeb. As the video outlines, you will need to have a RAGE Web Hosting account in order to be able to do this. Right now, RAGE is offering hosting at $5 per month which is a great price considering they offer unlimited space and bandwidth, while competitors with similar prices place restrictions on space and bandwidth.

23 Feb 2012

Ranking Higher In Search Engines – A Better Way

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a topic covered on this site many times, but I wanted to revisit it and let you know about the latest application for optimizing an iWeb website. Most of you have probably heard of iWeb SEO Tool, which is a very popular tool for adding items such as title tags and meta tags to an iWeb website. Now, there is a much more powerful SEO application offered by RAGE Software, the same guys who make iWeb SEO Tool.

What I like best about SEIntelligence is that it makes it easy for someone who doesn’t know the basic principles of SEO to still optimize their website. Getting direct instructions on what to do not only makes the thinking process easier on the user, but also teaches them a lot about SEO and what Google expects from websites.

RAGE posted a really good introductory video on their site that I think many of you can greatly benefit from. That video is posted just below. If anyone has any questions about SEIntelligence, just let me know. Also, I have been given a small number of 25% off discounts for SEIntelligence, to give out to All About iWeb readers. Just leave a comment below stating your interest, and make sure to leave a valid e-mail address for me to reach you at.

08 Feb 2012

Getting An iWeb Site In Google

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I know this topic has come up time and time again, so I wanted to quickly talk about it. Many iWeb users experience a bit of trouble getting their sites recognized by Google (and other search engines). This can occur for many different reasons, so I won’t dive into those right now. The easiest way to get any website indexed in search engines in a matter of just a few days is by creating and submitting what is called an XML Sitemap. An XML Sitemap is basically an outline of a website which displays all of the websites links. This Sitemap is not intended for humans, but is drawn up in a way that is meant for search engines. Sitemap Automator, a popular application by RAGE Software allows users to create their XML Sitemaps very easily, and also submit the Sitemap to all major search engines in just a few clicks of your mouse.

I am posting two tutorials below. One will show you how to create the Sitemap and publish it to your web server. The other tutorial will show you how to properly submit your site to search engines, including Google which does require one extra step (but it is totally worth it). You will see just how easy it is to do this. I encourage all iWeb users to create XML Sitemaps, and if you have any questions about the process, feel free to let me know.

23 Jan 2012

How To Transfer Your iWeb Site From One Computer To Another

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A few of you have been asking about how to transfer your iWeb site from your old computer to your new one, so I decided to put a quick tutorial together. It’s really easy to transfer your site, but this video tutorial will at least give you a visual of where to find the necessary file. So without further adieu:

If you need to transfer your iWeb site from one computer to another, you can follow these steps to easily do so.

The first thing you must do, is open up Finder, and go to your username, and find the folder called Library. I am running Lion so as you can see, my Library folder is not visible. If this is the case for you, this is how we find the folder.

With the Finder window still visible, click on Go in the menu bar, and then select Go To Folder. Type in exactly what you see here which is the squiggly dash, also known as a tilde, slash library. Then press the Go button.

You should now be in your Library folder. Next, highlight Application Support, and then find the iWeb folder. Inside the iWeb folder, you will see a file called Domain.sites2

Select this file and copy it.

Now you can transfer this file to your other computer using whichever method you prefer. Place this file back in the exact same location on the other computer, launch iWeb, and you should now see the website in iWeb.