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21 Jun 2011

Day 21 – Making your iWeb site mobile

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We now have a live iWeb site and thanks to our self-promotion on various social media networks, forums and other sites we have started getting in a steady stream of visitors. Okay so the numbers aren’t huge….yet, but give it time; it can take ages. This lesson isn’t something you necessarily have to consider straight away but might want to look at it if your site really takes off; we are going to make our iWeb sites mobile friendly.

There is a variety of things to take into consideration when designing a site for mobile users and we shall be touching on as many as we can. There are also a few links to some mobile web-site galleries for your inspiration. Read more

20 Jun 2011

Day 20 – RSS Feeds that work

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If you have ever published an iWeb site then you will know that iWeb already comes with the ability to set up an RSS feed for your site. The trouble is that it isn’t that great. Its reliability is patchy at best even when you host your iWeb site on MobileMe and it isn’t at all customizable. If you could at least have your RSS feed appear in the same colors as your iWeb site that would be a start wouldn’t it? Read more

19 Jun 2011

Day 19 – Add SexyBookmarks to iWeb

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Ever since I added the SexyBookmarks icons to the bottom of all of the posts on AllAboutiWeb I have been inundated with e-mails from people asking me how it can be done in iWeb. Well there is a solution, and the key is with an HTML Snippet and a little bit of CSS. It is not me who came up with this concept but I have adapted, with very kind permission, a tutorial I found at Web Developer Juice, so that iWeb users can now have this popular look on their web sites too.

All of the files you need to add the SexyBookMarks to your iWeb site are available to download at the bottom of the post so fear not, you haven’t got lots of typing to do. Just follow the instructions I have provided and you should be ready to go in minutes. Read more

18 Jun 2011

Day 18 – I’ve got an iWeb site, visit me

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Today’s lesson is all about promoting our iWeb sites and getting visitors doing just that, visiting. There are many methods a web site owner can employ to get people to their web site. It isn’t just a case of getting the SEO right and then sitting back and waiting. Sure that will work, but it will work slowly and you want hits now! So once you have published your site and registered with Google what else can you do to make sure you attract as many visitors as possible to your iWeb site? Read on and find out. Read more

17 Jun 2011

Day 17 – Let’s go publish our iWeb site

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Today is the the day! It’s publishing time, our iWeb site is going to go live at long last. We have spent time choosing the best theme for the job, spell checked everything making sure all our text is jam-packed full of keywords, images are all optimized and looking sharp, we’ve added a contact page, our blogs are looking top notch, testing has gone well and we have sorted all of the little niggles by either tweaking the design or adding a little CSS warning message; we are good to go!

But what now? We still have a choice to make. Which host do we go with? Until recently the choice was regular web host or MobileMe but you will have seen in my recent post that iCloud, the replacement for MobileMe will not support iWeb hosting. In my honest opinion though, even if we did still have MobileMe there is only once answer, go with a dedicated host. Why? Because it’s what they do and it is all they do, and if you find the right one then they are experts in what they do too. Read more