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16 Jun 2011

Day 16 – Favicons and other nice bits

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Today is the day we discuss eye-candy for your iWeb site. It’s bling day! Things that take your iWeb site that little bit further and help it stand out from the crowd. Also getting a mention will be bits and pieces you can add in the background to help you get the most from your site. We’ll start with adding a favicon to your site along with a poll so you can start quizzing your visitors. Other things we can include are Google Analytics so you can monitor what your visitors like or not. Read more

15 Jun 2011

Day 15 – Tell Google you’re here

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One thing that confuses a lot of iWeb users is that once they have published their lovely iWeb site to the Internet why, when they type in their keywords on Google, can they find no sign of their online pride and joy.

There are a variety of reasons why their site does not appear in search engines but the 2 main ones are explained in today’s lesson along with solutions and tips to help sort out others.

I will start by asking a question. Did you tell Google you were there in the first place? When you publish any web site to the WWW and you want it to feature on the worlds largest search engine you have to let that search engine know that you are live. Okay, strictly speaking you don’t have to, you can forget this stage and let your iWeb site sit about for months on end without too many visitors, but where is the fun in that?

To let Google know about your site all you have to do is add a little bit of code to your site, go back to Google and let them know you have added it, they will check and that’s it.

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14 Jun 2011

Day 14 – Getting ready to go live

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In just a few short days we will be discussing the publication of your iWeb site to the Internet proper but before we do there are some things that we need to consider. Yesterday we covered testing our site until we could (or more hopefully couldn’t) break it and tomorrow is all about letting Google know we are here, but there are other things we can do to help ourselves get higher in search engines. Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee, we are having a lesson in basic SEO for iWeb.

Some of the work to help with the SEO of your site has been done already if you have been following this course carefully. On day 2 we discussed getting things ready for your iWeb site including naming all of your images correctly and ensuring that all of the text contained plenty of keywords for your site. You even made sure your navigation will all be text based do that it is easy for search engines to find their way around. Now we are going that little step further, dotting the Is and crossing the Ts.

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13 Jun 2011

Day 13 – Testing, testing, testing

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Testing is a critical stage of web design and yet it is often one of the most overlooked. Through no fault of their own many iWeb users will overlook this stage completely; they take a look at their site in Safari, see that it looks fine and think that is it. In most cases it is, but as the saying goes ‘there’s always one!’ and in this case the ‘one’ is Internet Explorer; in particular older versions of IE.

Why do we have to test our iWeb sites? Well in all honesty if you are just designing a site that is aimed purely at your family and friends you probably don’t have to go mad when it comes to testing. The same also applies if you have built a site that is aimed entirely at Mac users (naturally they don’t use IE) but if you have spent days creating the perfect iWeb masterpiece and you want it to be seen by anyone who has an internet connection then testing is the way forward. Read more

12 Jun 2011

Day 12 – An iWeb store selling things on-line

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I get asked many times through All About iWeb how easy is it to sell things from an iWeb site. The answer is that it is quite easy to sell things and I have seen many sites that do just that. There are many things to keep in mind however when you do want to add a products page as well as which payment system you want to use. We will be covering all these things in today’s post.

I know first hand that selling products from an iWeb site can be done without too much effort as I have had Themes for iWeb going now for some time. This post is all taken from my experience. Read more