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11 Jun 2011

Day 11 – Headers and footers the iWeb way

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10 Jun 2011

Day 10 – Finding our way around an iWeb site

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Using the default navigation bar in iWeb has long been one of the biggest bugbears for iWeb users. Yes, it makes the job incredibly simple and adds the pages to your nav-bar as you create them and they are always in the same place on every page so they ‘continuity’ box is ticked but a user is unable to customize it to meet their needs.

You can’t do anything to the font or the colors so even if you did want to make even the tiniest of tweaks to your site you can’t. That is because the font and its colors are hard-coded within the theme code itself. I have a chapter explaining how you can edit the default navigation bar in my eBook, How to Design and build iWeb Themes. Read more

09 Jun 2011

Day 9 – Let’s consider other iWeb pages

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iWeb sets us up with many of the common pages that are used when a web site is built, be it the home page, about me page, a blog or even a photo gallery. Then there is the blank page that comes with every iWeb theme, what can you use that for? Today’s lesson is a pause for thought in what other pages you may want to include on your iWeb site.

There are many to consider and, of course it depends on what sort of web site you are running so let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones that don’t come as standard with iWeb

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08 Jun 2011

Day 8 – Getting audio with your iWeb site

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Looking back at all of my AAi tutorials this seems to be the very first time that I have covered the subject of adding audio to an iWeb site; I best make it a good one then.

There is a variety of reasons you may want to add a nice bit of sound to your site, be it a subtle bit of background music your visitors can listen to while they are browsing your site, examples of your bands latest tracks on mp3 to download or even a podcast. There are common rules and standards for whatever type of audio you want to add, so let’s start with those. Read more

07 Jun 2011

Day 7 – Blogging with iWeb

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It has been well documented that using iWeb as a blogging platform is not the most ideal solution, however, if you know nothing else then what have you got to lose? Yes it has it’s restrictions but it can be intuitive and presents an easy solution if you want to start in the world of blogging.

It is almost an unwritten web design law that if you run a business site you should run a blog to go with it. It will allow you to keep your customers (past, present and future) up to date with your products and services. Likewise if your iWeb site is on a more personal note you may want to keep family and friends up to date with what you are doing. I have seen plenty of iWeb blogs that are kept running by people on ‘world tours’ with entries for each of their major stops. Read more