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21 Oct 2011

Was iWeb Apples first go at a social network?

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There’s FaceBook and Twitter, MySpace or YouTube. Google has Google+ and now Apple has Ping. There are literally hundreds of social networking sites, apps and tools available at the moment. But before Ping (you know, that social network based on music that comes with iTunes) came along can it be considered that iWeb was indeed Apple’s first foray into the world of social networking? It’s not as crazy as you may think. Read more

14 Sep 2011

So what’s been happening in the world of iWeb?

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Once again it’s been a while since I last posted, sorry, but I did warn you all! As most of you will know I’ve moved back to the UK now and started my new job (hence the quiet period). Over the last 3 weeks or so I have been working hard on an iWeb site for an interior designer/architect in California which has kept me busy. I used many of the techniques you can read about on this very site, and it was great to be able to get back using iWeb again after a break. So what have I missed? What’s been happening with iWeb? Well if my Twitter feed is anything to go by, quite a bit!

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26 Jun 2011

AAi is moving house!

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I thought it would be prudent to let all the regular readers here on All About iWeb know that I won’t be posting for a few weeks. As of Thursday I am moving from sunny Paris back to a not quite so sunny England; Lincolnshire to be exact. So whilst my internet is being switched off here in France to morrow and I am not exactly sure when Virgin will be installing my 50Mb line I will be sans internet for a few weeks. You can of course keep e-mailing and commenting so if and when I get a chance to pop into Starbucks I can check on my iPad.

Rest assured, once everything is back in order and I have unpacked my (hopefully undamaged) iMac I will be publishing as usual. I already have an absolutely fantastic animated CSS3 image gallery written that just uses a HTML Snippet so no doubt I will lead with that, here’s a few screenshots to tempt you all until then. Read more

13 Jun 2011

Is this the end of iWeb?

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I was reading Twitter earlier on today and got a bit of a shock! Being half asleep though I chose to ignore what I had read and put it to the back of my mind. It was then this afternoon when I got an e-mail from Danish iWeb user Peter Vistisen when it suddenly hit me. There is a vicious rumor spreading around the WWW that iWeb has not much longer left for this world. Yep very soon our favorite app for creating our beautiful webpage masterpieces may well be no more.

How can this be I hear you cry! Well according to MacRumors Steve Jobs has announced it. AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! Read more

22 Apr 2011

5 things I want to see in iWeb 4.0.0

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I was going to call this post ‘An open letter to Apple’ but then thought against it. Who can tell what they are thinking over in Apple and cards are kept so close to chests that it is uber difficult to second guess the next big thing that will appear from Apple HQ. Like many of you I was disappointed when iLife 11 came out and there was no update to iWeb; not even any new themes. I remember watching screen-casts of Steve Jobs singing the praises of Safari 5 and how it was the world’s most super browser, but I could never understand why their web design app was lagging soooo far behind. So here is my list of what I would like to see in the next version of iWeb.

I want to stress too that this isn’t a whimsical post. I have thought about this long and hard, and of course I have the benefit of the feedback from almost 4000 daily visitors to help me decide on the best features that should be included, so here I go.

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