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16 Jun 2014

Facebook Link Preview – EverWeb Widget

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UPDATE: The ability to add a Facebook link preview image has now been added to EverWeb 1.8 and higher. You no longer need to use this widget. You can specify the image for each page by going to the Site Settings tab, and choosing an image next to the option that says Social Media Image.

Ever notice that when you post a link to a website on Facebook, there might be a particular image and title/description that appears? These can actually be set by the webmaster so that they can control what people see whenever someone posts their link on Facebook. This widget will allow you to set the title, description and the image(s) to be displayed when a user posts your link on Facebook.

The widget uses EverWeb’s built-in Image Gallery widget to allow you to more easily setup your Facebook link preview.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the widget for setting up the preview. There are 4 steps in the process so be sure to read each one carefully, and follow them accordingly.

This widget can be downloaded free of charge. Remember to install the widget by double clicking on the .ewwdgt file.

Update: Version 2.0 of this widget allows you to access your FB preview image directly from your assets list.

10 Jun 2014

Alternative Text For Images – EverWeb Widget

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imageThis is a simple widget that allows you to add alternative text for your images in EverWeb. If you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) then you know that alternative text can help to drive more traffic to your website. Alternative text gives Google and other search engines more information about the content on your website, specifically, your images. With a rise in popularity with image search engines, getting your images indexed can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

This widget will allow you to simply select your image and then add alternative text to it. This widget is available as a free download. Remember to double click on the .ewwdgt file to install the widget.

Alternative Text Tips: Describe the image as best as you can. Do not make the alternative text very long. Using the keywords that you are targeting on your page is a good idea.

Examples of bad alternative text: cool view of a mountain, our products, camera,

Examples of good alternative text: Grey clouds at the peak of Mount Everest, All natural spray bottle bathroom cleanser, Black vintage Polaroid camera from 1991.

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07 Oct 2010

Free Carbon iWeb theme from All About iWeb

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Over the last few weeks, due to other work and family commitments I may have been a bit haphazard in the publishing schedule for All About iWeb; so for that I would like to say sorry. As way of an apology however, I would like to offer to all of my avid readers another free iWeb theme for you to download and use as you wish. Read more

23 Jul 2010

And the winners are….

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Just over 2 weeks ago I launched my very first eBook entitled ‘How to Design and Build iWeb themes’ and gave you all the chance to win a copy or two.

Well the time has come to announce the winners. Read more

02 Jul 2010

How to build iWeb themes – the eBook – Win a copy

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It’s been almost a month since I last wrote regular posts here on All About iWeb (sorry!) and thanks for the hundreds of e-mails I have received asking when I would write again; well, here I am. I haven’t been sciving off though, instead I have been working away on my first e-book and today I am proud to announce its arrival.

How to Design and Build Your Own iWeb Themes (for iWeb 08 and iWeb 09) is available to download as of now (with 25% off the price), and it comes in 2 flavors; Basic and Pro. Read more