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07 Apr 2009

All About iWeb Widget

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Its been a long time since we had a freebie up on All About iWeb, I did have ‘big ideas’ when I started this site about releasing some free themes, but that is proving more difficult than I first thought (bear with me though, they will be coming).

That aside, my smarty-pants brother has just got himself a Macbook (I told you he was clever) and he has built an All About iWeb widget to add to your dashboard. Read more

03 Mar 2009

Check your iWeb site hyperlinks

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How many times have you visited a web-site, read a bit of juicy information, clicked on the link that appears within the text only to find that the link doesn’t work? Infuriating isn’t it. Now just imagine that feeling and apply that to your site visitors. Can you see where I am going with this? Read more

01 Feb 2009

It’s not too late to win an iPod

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At the start of the New Year I wrote a short post giving you all the opportunity to win a brand new iPod shuffle and some accessories and despite the fact that it has been viewed over 400 times there has only been one entry. So this is a short post just to highlight the post once more and to try and encourage you to enter your site. Good luck!!

02 Jan 2009

Win an iPod Shuffle and extras

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win-ipod-shuffle-silverJust before Christmas I received my first ever cheque from Google’s Adsense program and, after I had taken out the amount for next year’s hosting I thought I would spend the money on giving something back to you all as a way of a thank you for visiting All About iWeb. So I had the idea of running a competition to let you all show off your work; so if you want a chance to win a sparkly, brand new iPod shuffle and accessories read the rules below. Good Luck. Read more

28 Aug 2008

Freebie Custom ‘Made on a Mac’ badges

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So I was lying in bed thinking the other night, wouldn’t it be good if I could change the bog standard “made on a Mac” logo in iWeb…..Sad….I know!!

We all like to show off the fact that we are Mac users.  Why the heck not? It is something to be proud of.  But when it comes to iWeb all we can use is that one solitary grey logo, don’t you think it would be better to have something more in keeping with your particular chosen theme. Read more