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28 Jun 2010

iWeb SEO Tool updates to version 1.8

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Many of my regular readers will know I am a keen supporter of the FREE iWeb SEO Tool from Rage Software and a few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Paul at Rage letting me know that they had updated their handy little tool.

There isn’t a great deal of new changes in the application itself, however the updates they have made are ‘spot on’. Why not download yourself a copy and take a look. Read more

02 Feb 2010

Easy iWeb header tags – Part 2

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A few hours ago I published a tutorial on the easy way to insert the header tag into your iWeb site, but it seems a few of you are having problems. The iWeb SEO Tool may not be as foolproof as first thought. The troubles seem to be arising with those of you who are using ‘Sans-Serif’ fonts (such as Arial, Verdana or Tahoma) in between your header tags. By default iWeb doesn’t include CSS for header tags within its pages so a browser will just default to a large serif font in black.

Don’t worry though, I have found a solution and it is really easy too. We just have to use a little bit of extra code in the text-box. Read more

02 Feb 2010

How to do Header tags in iWeb – the easy way

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For those of you that have purchased the iWeb SEO video from Rage Software this iWeb tutorial may not come as much of a surprise to you, however if you haven’t (why not? it’s full of useful iWeb SEO tips and tricks) you may want to pay attention. Regular readers of this blog may also remember my previous tutorial explaining how to get ‘header’ tags into your iWeb site, but it involved a bit of faffing about.

All that has changed with the release a few weeks ago of version 1.7.1 of the iWeb SEO Tool from Rage. Now adding ‘header’ tags to your iWeb site is as easy as putting a tick in a box!! Read more

15 Jan 2010

15% discount for All About iWeb users

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Regular visitors to this site will know that I am a great fan of the products from Rage Software, in particular their FREE iWeb SEO Tool. In addition, from the site stats, SEO for iWeb is one of the most popular terms used when searching for this site. So with all that in mind you may be glad to know that the good people at Rage have put together an extensive video to help you get the most out of SEO and it is aimed entirely at iWeb users.

Okay, so you have to pay to watch it but All About iWeb users get 15% of the price if you sign up with our special promotional code. Read more

11 Dec 2009

It’s giveaway time again at All About iWeb

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rage-logo-headerWell, it’s getting near the time of festive cheer and goodwill towards all iWeb users. All About iWeb has teamed up with those wonderful people at Rage software to offer you a veritable selection of their iWeb SEO software to help you kick start your New Year attack on Google. Read more