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03 Oct 2009

Splash Screens – to have or not to have…

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That is the question. I have mentioned many times before on All About iWeb that I spend a lot of my time looking at other peoples iWeb-sites either for inspiration or to help solve their problems.

One thing I have noticed however is how many of you have splash screens. You know the sort of thing, a page that welcomes visitors with an image or 2 and the obligatory phrase ‘Click here to enter’. Read more

12 Aug 2009

Rage iWeb SEO Tool 1.5 is out

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As I menti0ned last week I had received an e-mail from Paul Levine over at Rage software letting me know (amoungst other things) that Rage were in the process of updating their extremely popular iWeb SEO tool.

Yesterday Paul got in touch again to tell me that it has been finally released. Read more

10 Aug 2009

Header tags in iWeb – Take 2

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As they say in French, ‘j’ai fait une gaffe!’ when I posted a tutorial on adding the header tags (h1, h2, h3 etc…) to iWeb via an HTML Snippet. Having not checked my iWeb site’s code properly I did not see that in fact iWeb didn’t insert the code into the page where I wanted it, but created a completely different page and linked back to it from the main-page.

This made me more determined to find a simple method of getting header tags into iWeb. Read more

28 Jul 2009

You can do SEO with iWeb

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Since I published my post on why you should use iWeb for building and running a business related iWeb site I have received several e-mails from people telling me how wrong I am and how poor iWeb is for SEO. This shocked me a little so I did a bit of investigation.

When I first started using iWeb this time last year I would have probably agreed with you, but 12 month on I am writing this post to say ‘No, iWeb does do SEO Read more

16 Jul 2009

iWeb SEKeyword tool from Rage

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sekeywordA little while ago I reviewed the iWeb SEO Tool from Rage Software and found that, as a free product it was an excellent way of adding all sorts of things to your iWeb site that would help with the overall search engine optimization.

Another free app that Rage offers is their SEKeyword tool which promises to help you ‘Discover Your Website’s Most Profitable Keywords’. Let’s see how it gets on in the most recent of my reviews of iWeb add-ons. Read more