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08 Jul 2009

Make your iWeb headers link to your home page.

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Have you noticed, as you spend the day happily browsing the internet that it is now very common practice to have the header, or at least the logo, enable as a hyperlink back to the home page of the web-site?

This site does it and millions more do too. It is now almost an unwritten rule in the world of web designers to include this little tweak to a site. Read more

15 May 2009

Do you check your iWeb site before you publish?

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iWeb allows you to create beautiful web sites, simply and quickly but when you have finished are you one of those people who just hits the publish button or do you check your site first to make sure everything is as it should be ‘under the hood’ before going live. Here is a list of things you should be doing before you press that green arrow icon and show the world your masterpiece. Read more

14 Mar 2009

Alt tags in iWeb – How and why you should be using them

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During my review of the Rage iWeb SEO Tool  I touched on the subject of alt-tags for images within iWeb and how they can not only improve your SEO rankings but improve the accessiblity of your iWeb site. The purpose of this post is taking it all a little bit further and going into a little more depth to help you understand the whys and wherefores of alt-tags and how to add them to your iWeb site. Read more

11 Mar 2009

SEO for iWeb – Rage iWeb SEO Tool

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iweb-seo-toolBy far and away the most popular search term for finding All About iWeb is ‘iWeb meta-tags’ so obviously the majority of you visiting this site are trying to make a concious effort to improve the search engine standings of your iWeb site. Adding certain meta-tags to your site is one way to help and Rage iWeb SEO tool is one of the simplist ways of adding these meta-tags. Read more

26 Jan 2009

Add Twitter to your iWeb site

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add_twitter_link_to_iwebLet’s face it, iWeb is (and still will be when the new version comes out) pretty unfriendly when it comes to search engine optimization. So to get our iWeb sites noticed, we Mac users have to play a bit smarter and find other tried and tested methods of promoting our beautifully hand-crafted content. One such method is through social media and over the next few weeks I am going to publish a series of posts on how social media can help you get your site noticed along with tutorials on getting your linked up. Read more