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18 May 2009

Questions from the week.

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An idea struck me last night as I was answering one of the many e-mails I receive about iWeb that I could collect the questions and publish the more frequent ones every week so that everyone can benefit form the answers. So here goes the first week.

If there is anything you want answered about iWeb you can drop me a line through the contacts page and I shall try my best to help. Read more

15 May 2009

Do you check your iWeb site before you publish?

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iWeb allows you to create beautiful web sites, simply and quickly but when you have finished are you one of those people who just hits the publish button or do you check your site first to make sure everything is as it should be ‘under the hood’ before going live. Here is a list of things you should be doing before you press that green arrow icon and show the world your masterpiece. Read more

28 Apr 2009

iWeb page templates – We want more!

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When you look at the 8 default page templates in iWeb it soon becomes pretty obvious that it is designed to get your photographs, music or videos on to the Internet, tell the world a little bit about yourself and that is about it. Through using the tutorials and tips available on this site and others dedicated to iWeb many users have tweaked these default templates and have produced some well made iWeb sites for other purposes. Read more

14 Apr 2009

Anchors in iWeb – About time too

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iweb_anchors One of the biggest annoyances of iWeb users is the lack of support for Anchors in iWeb. I have seen loads of ‘iWeb Wishlists’ requesting such a feature but it hasn’t been forthcoming. If you don’t know already anchors are (put simply) a way of linking one element of your page with another element further down (or up) the page. They are often best demonstrated on FAQ pages where all the questions are listed at the top of the page and the answers are lower down; when you click on a question you get taken straight to the relevant answer. Read more

12 Apr 2009

Build an iWeb site from scratch – No themes – Part 2 – Gaming

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Continuing on from the first part in this series of building your own iWeb site without themes, this time I have chosen the ‘Gaming’ style of web site to have a go at designing. Taking a look around the Internet it is easy to see how different genres have a similar style in their web design and gaming is no different.

As with all these tutorials, and whenever I design a web site, I like to look at as many web sites that focus on the same theme so as to get some ideas, some inspiration and perhaps even some pointers of what not to do. Read more