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13 Jan 2010

Understanding an iWeb sites’ URL and structure

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Over the last few weeks I have received quite a few e-mails asking the same question; ‘when I publish my iWeb site to the Internet, why does the URL (or web address) appear so long in the browser’s address bar?’ Rather than keep typing the same answer I thought I would write a post explaining how and why this happens with your iWeb site and what, if anything you can do to avoid it. Read more

09 Jan 2010

How to make your iWeb site’s background static

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Having a large image or photograph as background is very ‘in’ at the moment when it comes to modern web design. A problem arises however, when you try to achieve this style in iWeb. Inspector only allows you to set a tile or centered image that will move when a user scrolls the page. This obviously isn’t what you want when you have your most beautiful image as a backdrop for your home page.

To get round the problem all you have to do is a tiny little bit of code editing (and I do mean tiny) before you publish your site and you will be able to keep the background of your iWeb page static whilst scrolling the content. Read more

28 Dec 2009

Password protected pages without MobileMe

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One of the ‘perks’ of having a mobileMe account apart from being able to put comments on your iWeb blog is the ability to password protect some or all of your iWeb pages. Okay so the password protection isn’t ‘super secure’ but if you want that you will have to get yourself a HTTPS site.

If you want a basic password security on your iWeb site, perhaps to protect some family photos you don’t want the whole world to see then this is still achievable, with the help of a little javascript. Read more

18 Oct 2009

How to create neon-glow text in iWeb

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Taking a break from coding iWeb themes I was having a play around with some fonts and text-boxes and came across a way to create this neon sign style effect using nothing but iWeb. Admittedly this effect should be used sparingly as overuse would slow down the loading of your iWeb page, but used here and there it can give a really nice look to an iWeb site. Read more

03 Oct 2009

Splash Screens – to have or not to have…

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That is the question. I have mentioned many times before on All About iWeb that I spend a lot of my time looking at other peoples iWeb-sites either for inspiration or to help solve their problems.

One thing I have noticed however is how many of you have splash screens. You know the sort of thing, a page that welcomes visitors with an image or 2 and the obligatory phrase ‘Click here to enter’. Read more