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10 May 2011

6 ways to make your iWeb site not look like an iWeb site

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iWeb is the perfect app for what it is designed to do, make fairly good looking web sites simply and quickly. Thanks to its clever use of iWeb themes all you have to do is add a bit of content, publish to the WWW, give everyone and anyone your URL and you’re away; an online presence in minutes.

It is the use of themes however which acts as something of an Achilles heel. Being limited it only takes a number of iWeb sites to use the same theme before visitors get fed up of looking at the same site, over and over again. In this post I have compiled a list of things that you should try to avoid to stop your iWeb site looking like everybody elses iWeb site and looking like you only took 10 minutes to build it. Read more

15 Apr 2011

How to get the Letterpress effect in iWeb

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The letterpress effect is now becoming more and more common in web design. Normally the reserve of the world of print, thanks to the advancement of browsers of late we can achieve this effect ourselves. Applying the letterpress effect to headings or navigation gives it that little ‘wow factor’, making it stand out. The effect is minimalist and subtle but can make a huge difference to the way your iWeb site looks.

Being iWeb users we are for once spoilt for choice on how to achieve this effect we can use either the font menu and image tab within iWeb’s Inspector or we can be clever and use an HTML Snippet. In this tutorial I will explain both methods, and which one I would choose. Read more

09 Mar 2011

Using textures in iWeb design

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Textures are becoming more and more common place in web design these days; nothing drastic, just subtle. They help ‘lift’ a flat and staid web design into something more attractive. Depth is important in web design if you don’t want your iWeb site to look boring and run of the mill. In this post I want to show you a few examples of web-sites that use background textures to great effect as well as how to add textures to your iWeb site. At the end you can find a shortlist of great sites where you can download some beautiful textures to use on your iWeb site. Read more

23 Feb 2011

What’s coming up on All About iWeb

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Like I said in my previous post, it’s been a while since I added anything to All About iWeb; sorry! But just so you know I haven’t been just sitting back doing nothing (well only if my Doctor is reading this and in that case I have been sitting down resting my Achilles, honest) I thought I would let you into what I have planned for the coming few months in the way of iWeb tutorials, tips and tricks as well as the odd bit of help too.

As always if you have any suggestions for posts or you are just itching to know how to do something in iWeb drop me a line through my contact page and I will certainly have a look at it. Along the same vein, if you think you have what it takes to write a post for All About iWeb drop me a line too, I would be more than happy to publish your post and you get some fame as a guest writer as well as advertising your iWeb site!! Read more

14 Nov 2010

10 things to consider when using iWeb for your business web-site

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Using iWeb for a business web-site is still a rather popular topic. There are those that think iWeb should never be used, and others that swear by it. I wrote a post on using iWeb for business in July of 2009 and thought it was about time I revisited the subject with a little checklist of things that we should all think about when planning to use our favorite web design app to make a functional business site. Read more