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03 Aug 2009

Does your iWeb site have a privacy policy?

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It’s an honest question. Judging by the amount of people who have read my iWeb tutorial post on adding a contact form to an iWeb site many of you want some way for your site visitors to be able to contact you.

If you are asking your visitors to complete a form that collects information (ie name, e-mail address or site URL) thaen perhaps it would be wise to let them know what you are going to do with this information. Read more

31 Jul 2009

iWeb questions from the week – 31 Jul 09

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It’s been a while since I have done a ‘Questions from the week’ post, what with holidays and catching up back at work and writing other posts I have preferred to answer e-mailed iWeb questions individually.

Enough of the excuses already!! Lets get on with this week’s questions starting with one about intranets.  Read more

20 Jul 2009

iWeb for a business web-site? Yes!

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Over recent months as this web-site has grown more popular I have noticed more and more people are searching for reasons to see if iWeb is a good web design tool  for building a web-site for their business.

Although I have read on a few other Mac and iWeb related web-sites many reasons not to use iWeb to create, build and maintain a business web-site I thought it was time to put forward an argument ‘for’ using iWeb to design your company’s web-site. Read more

12 Jul 2009

Make your iWeb site iPhone ready

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This tutorial has been updated. You can now see a video tutorial on how to make an iWeb site mobile friendly.

We all know how sucessful Apple’s iPhone has become since it’s 3G version was released and now the iPhone 3G S is out and selling like hot cakes, the mobile internet is going to get even faster, and even more popular.

As a rule your iWeb site will work on an iPhone without to much hassle (unless you have added some flash obviously) however there are a few little tweaks that you can make here and there to make it even more iPhone friendly. Read more

30 Jun 2009

iWeb questions from the week – 3

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I last did a ‘Questions of the week’ post, not because I have been lazy, but the questions I have been asked I have already answered in one way, shape or form elsewhere on this site. Thankfully though there are a few of you still who have a problem or two with iWeb and I am only too happy to help.

If you have an iWeb question that you think I might be able to help with drop me a line through the Contacts page or leave a comment. Read more