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14 Nov 2010

10 things to consider when using iWeb for your business web-site

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Using iWeb for a business web-site is still a rather popular topic. There are those that think iWeb should never be used, and others that swear by it. I wrote a post on using iWeb for business in July of 2009 and thought it was about time I revisited the subject with a little checklist of things that we should all think about when planning to use our favorite web design app to make a functional business site. Read more

13 Nov 2010

Some CSS3 tools to help iWeb users

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If my stats are correct, my previous post explaining how to add CSS3 buttons to an iWeb site seems to be rather popular, so taking it a bit further, and asuming that you all would like to learn more about adding CSS3 elements to your iWeb sites, I’ve gathered together a collection of useful CSS3 related tools and tutorials that will help you go a little bit further.

Of course, I may have missed one or two, so if you know of a useful CSS3 resource and you think iWeb users will like it, why not leave us a comment at the end. Read more

03 Aug 2010

What does HTML 5 mean to iWeb users

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You may have read, if you visit as many web-design blogs as I do, all about the latest version of HTML that is evolving as I type this very post. HTML 5 is seen as the next ‘big thing’ in web design and promises to bring improved functionality and interactivity to our web-sites; which can’t be a bad thing.

Obviously because we, as iWeb users, don’t hand code our sites there are only certain elements of HTML 5 that will apply to us. Yes we have the HTML Snippet to insert the new code, but there are still pieces we will not use; not until Apple update iWeb anyway! Read more

26 Jul 2010

Take some inspiration from

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Let’s face it, is a gorgeous web-site. Even if you don’t, unlike me, spend hours drooling over the latest bit of Apple kit you will have visited it at least once. We are using their computers and applications to make our iWeb sites so why not take inspiration from their site too. In this post I want to highlight some of the elements that go into making the Apple web-site what it is and how you can bring those elements to your iWeb site.

I am not saying you should copy outright, far from it, however putting your own personal slant on their design elements will bring you a lovely looking site. Read more

14 May 2010

Your iWeb questions

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Well when I your I don’t mean all of you but a few of you. I have been catching up on some of my e-mails and decided to pick some of the more popular questions that you have asked and put them all in a post. I used to do this a while ago but haven’t done it for a while now, although it is a great way of answering so many e-mails in one swoop. So rest assured this will (I hope) become a regular occurrence once again. Just keep the questions coming. Read more