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03 Oct 2009

Splash Screens – to have or not to have…

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That is the question. I have mentioned many times before on All About iWeb that I spend a lot of my time looking at other peoples iWeb-sites either for inspiration or to help solve their problems.

One thing I have noticed however is how many of you have splash screens. You know the sort of thing, a page that welcomes visitors with an image or 2 and the obligatory phrase ‘Click here to enter’. Read more

22 Sep 2009

How to make a vertical nav-bar in iWeb

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Despite there being many reasons for not using the default nav-bar in iWeb, it is still the easiest way to get navigation onto your iWeb site. I have been asked several times recently how to get a vertical nav-bar appearing on the side of your iWeb site rather than the basic horizontal one.

If you follow this simple tutorial you can get a vertical nav-bar in no time at all. Read more

26 Aug 2009

How to use whitespace to improve your iWeb site

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I receive, on average, 3 or 4 requests a week from visitors to All About iWeb asking me to review their iWeb site and while I am more than happy to share what little web design knowledge I feel I have I dont’ often get the time to give a full (or even any) response.

One thing I have noticed however, about the majority of the sites that I look at is that cramped and overloaded pages seem to be the order of the day. Read more

21 Aug 2009

iWeb footers – What do you do with yours?

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During the writing of this web-site I look at hundreds of iWeb sites. One thing that seems to be common practice amoungst quite a few of them is a lack of use of the footer area of the site.

I admit it is nice to declare proudly that the web-site you have slaved over was ‘made on a Mac’ but you can do (and should do) so much more with this under used area of iWeb ‘real estate’. Read more

07 Aug 2009

Questions from the week – 7 Aug 09

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This week I’ve had quite a few questions from people regarding HTML Snippets and adding things to their iWeb site with them. So with that in mind you may notice a bit of a theme in this weeks ‘questions from the week’ post.

To begin with I have been asked a few times about adding a flash movie to an iWeb site. Read more