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12 May 2010

Creative use of background images

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Earlier in the week I received an e-mail asking me if it would be possible to have horizontal lines extending right across a page in iWeb. Obviously you can use the shapes menu to draw a line (or lines) within the permitted area in iWeb, but if you want to extend the line right across the page outside of the set page area how do you do it? The answer is clever use of the background settings within iWeb’s Inspector.

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06 May 2010

One iWeb blog – lots of iWeb blog authors

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This is a question I have been asked a lot of times; ‘I have created a blog in iWeb and I want several people to contribute, how do I do it?’

It’s a common problem with iWeb particularly for business based sites with several employers or a band with a few musicians, how to get multiple users to write in the same blog. Well, there are a couple of solutions and in this post I want to explain the easiest of them. Read more

09 Feb 2010

Getting your iWeb theme right

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If you run a business and have your web presence thanks to an iWeb site choosing the correct iWeb theme can make all the difference. Seriously, if a user doesn’t like the look of your site they will hit the back button faster than a fast thing on ‘International Let’s See How Fast We Can Hit The Back Button’ day. Despite the fact that you may always be reading ‘content is king’ I’m afraid that ‘design is its queen’.

I touched on this subject a little at the beginning of the year in my 10 iWeb New Year’s Resolutions but felt that it was a subject worth expanding on. Read more

28 Jan 2010

Bring subtlety to your iWeb design

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As I have said many times before I look at loads of iWeb sites everyday. I also look at a lot of non-iWeb sites too and, in particular I like to read the blogs of graphic and web designers. As you can imagine there is a huge difference in the standard of sites being produced between the two different user groups, but there are things you can do to your iWeb site to give it a more modern and crisp feel. Subtle changes and little tweaks here and there are all that is required, so here are a few ideas. Read more

19 Jan 2010

Book Review – Teach Yourself Visually iLife 09

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Okay so I had some book vouchers for Christmas and couldn’t really decide what I should buy with them, especially as I got the books I wanted for Christmas too. Then a few days ago I accidentally hit the GarageBand icon instead of the iWeb icon on my Dock and when it popped up I was tempted to stay and play for a while. Only I just made rubbish. ‘Ding’ a light-bulb appeared above my head and the very next day off I popped to the shops to get me a iLife book to learn some more of GarageBand and help me brush up my iWeb skills too. Read more