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12 Aug 2009

Rage iWeb SEO Tool 1.5 is out

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As I menti0ned last week I had received an e-mail from Paul Levine over at Rage software letting me know (amoungst other things) that Rage were in the process of updating their extremely popular iWeb SEO tool.

Yesterday Paul got in touch again to tell me that it has been finally released. Read more

04 Jul 2009

More Twitter for iWeb

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If you read and followed my original post about adding a Twitter link to your iWeb site then you may well remember that I promised a follow-up post. Okay, so it’s been a while but here it is. If you want more than just a ‘Follow me on Twitter’ link on your iWeb-site you can add a status widget for all to see. Read more

30 May 2009

Add tables to your iWeb site

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Tables used to be everywhere in web design before some bright spark invented CSS. They were used to build a site and get everything looking as it should, in the right places. Nowadays they are less frequently used in the building of a site because of the problems browsers have with displaying layouts consistently, however if you want to display tabulated style data a well built table can work wonders. Read more

30 Apr 2009

Add a drop-down menu to your iWeb pages

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It’s been a while since we had an iWeb tutorial post on All About iWeb so here is a nice simple javascript drop-down menu that you can add to your iWeb pages as and where you need. This menu should in no way replace your iWeb site’s main navigation but is ideal for a blog’s side-bar or a page which leads to sub-pages further within your iWeb site. Read more

21 Apr 2009

Tag Clouds for iWeb revisited

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A little while ago I published a post on how to add a tag cloud to your iWeb blog. Many of you visited the post and followed the tutorial but recently I received a comment on the post that said the link to ZoomClouds wasn’t working. Well, I have been investigating other methods of adding tag clouds to iWeb and have come up with the following new tutorial. Read more