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28 Dec 2009

Password protected pages without MobileMe

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One of the ‘perks’ of having a mobileMe account apart from being able to put comments on your iWeb blog is the ability to password protect some or all of your iWeb pages. Okay so the password protection isn’t ‘super secure’ but if you want that you will have to get yourself a HTTPS site.

If you want a basic password security on your iWeb site, perhaps to protect some family photos you don’t want the whole world to see then this is still achievable, with the help of a little javascript. Read more

17 Aug 2009

Add a Tweet Me button to iWeb

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Last night, after I had got back from the UK I switched on my iMac to check ‘Mail’ and found rather a lot of you had read my last post which explains how to add a ‘Tweet Me’ link to your iWeb site and then edit the text a little to make the font blend in with your site.

17 of you sent me e-mails asking if it would be possible to achieve the same effect but with an image rather than just the text. So this morning I got up extra early to have a play around with iWeb and I can report that yes you can. Read more

13 Aug 2009

Add a Tweet Me link to iWeb

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By now we can all safely say that social media helps web-sites grow.  Wherher it is displaying a link to your home-page on your facebook profile, adding the ‘add this’ button to your iWeb site or just having a mini twitter feed in the sidebar of your blog; it all helps to spread the word.

Judging by the stats for all about iWeb adding various twitter bits to your iWeb sites seems to be one of the more popular reasons (of late) for visitors to come to this site and I have been investigating ways of going a little bit further than the bog standard ‘follow me on twitter’ link. Read more

12 Aug 2009

Rage iWeb SEO Tool 1.5 is out

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As I menti0ned last week I had received an e-mail from Paul Levine over at Rage software letting me know (amoungst other things) that Rage were in the process of updating their extremely popular iWeb SEO tool.

Yesterday Paul got in touch again to tell me that it has been finally released. Read more

04 Jul 2009

More Twitter for iWeb

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If you read and followed my original post about adding a Twitter link to your iWeb site then you may well remember that I promised a follow-up post. Okay, so it’s been a while but here it is. If you want more than just a ‘Follow me on Twitter’ link on your iWeb-site you can add a status widget for all to see. Read more