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30 May 2009

Add tables to your iWeb site

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Tables used to be everywhere in web design before some bright spark invented CSS. They were used to build a site and get everything looking as it should, in the right places. Nowadays they are less frequently used in the building of a site because of the problems browsers have with displaying layouts consistently, however if you want to display tabulated style data a well built table can work wonders. Read more

30 Apr 2009

Add a drop-down menu to your iWeb pages

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It’s been a while since we had an iWeb tutorial post on All About iWeb so here is a nice simple javascript drop-down menu that you can add to your iWeb pages as and where you need. This menu should in no way replace your iWeb site’s main navigation but is ideal for a blog’s side-bar or a page which leads to sub-pages further within your iWeb site. Read more

21 Apr 2009

Tag Clouds for iWeb revisited

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A little while ago I published a post on how to add a tag cloud to your iWeb blog. Many of you visited the post and followed the tutorial but recently I received a comment on the post that said the link to ZoomClouds wasn’t working. Well, I have been investigating other methods of adding tag clouds to iWeb and have come up with the following new tutorial. Read more

14 Apr 2009

Anchors in iWeb – About time too

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iweb_anchors One of the biggest annoyances of iWeb users is the lack of support for Anchors in iWeb. I have seen loads of ‘iWeb Wishlists’ requesting such a feature but it hasn’t been forthcoming. If you don’t know already anchors are (put simply) a way of linking one element of your page with another element further down (or up) the page. They are often best demonstrated on FAQ pages where all the questions are listed at the top of the page and the answers are lower down; when you click on a question you get taken straight to the relevant answer. Read more

07 Apr 2009

All About iWeb Widget

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Its been a long time since we had a freebie up on All About iWeb, I did have ‘big ideas’ when I started this site about releasing some free themes, but that is proving more difficult than I first thought (bear with me though, they will be coming).

That aside, my smarty-pants brother has just got himself a Macbook (I told you he was clever) and he has built an All About iWeb widget to add to your dashboard. Read more