16 Jun 2015

EverWeb 1.8 Comes With eCommerce, Dynamic Shapes and More…

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Wow, EverWeb 1.8 is here with a huge number of improvements and new features!

First up, it now comes in two versions. One version for OS X 10.6 and one for 10.7 and later so make sure you get the right version for your operating system.

So let’s go slowly and talk about some of the new features in 1.8, because there are a lot.

Paypal/eCommerce In EverWeb

Up first is the new eCommerce features. The Paypal Widget looks like it got a lot of attention in this release with new features;

  1. Provide product options with custom prices
  2. Provide options that don’t affect pricing
  3. Allow your customers to specify a quantity for each product
  4. New shipping options
  5. Custom URLs to direct users after a successful purchase
EverWeb 1.8 Paypal eCommerce Options

EverWeb 1.8 Paypal eCommerce Options

These new options give you an amazing set of controls for your EverWeb store. For example, if you had a product that came in 3 different sizes; small, medium or large, you could let your customer choose their size and charge a different price for each selection.

Additionally you can add options for your products that don’t require different pricing. For example, if your product came in different colors you could allow the user to select their desired color.

The new EverWeb Paypal options also include some shipping features. However, often you don’t need to have shipping specified per product, rather you’d want your shipping specified for your entire store. If that’s the case you can actually set up global shipping options from within your Paypal account.


Full Width Elements

A very cool, and highly request features in EverWeb 1.8 is full width objects. This means that as your browser is resized, the elements set to full width will expand with the browser. This allows you start making dynamic, flexible website designs.

I think this is a good start towards responsive website design in EverWeb.

In fact, you can also add more dynamic background options from the Inspector->Page Settings->Browser Background section. The new ‘Stretch’ and ‘Scale to Fill’ options let you stretch an image in your browser background making some cool effects for your visitors.

EverWeb Dynamic Background Images

Specify new stretch or and background fill options

These new features can easily be seen in some of the new, free templates now available in version 1.8. Go to the EverWeb menu and select the ‘Check for New Templates’ option. The new templates will now appear in the ‘Add Page’ window.

Asset Sorting/Searching Features

A new feature I’m excited about is the new sorting and searching features of the Assets list. A new search bar makes it easy to locate your assets as well as the new options to sort by; File Size, Date Added, Name or Custom make it much easier to work with assets.

I do wish that we had the ability to put assets within directories but I am sure that is in the works for a future version.

A really awesome new feature it the ability to quickly find unused assets as well as locate which pages are using a selected asset.

The most useful new feature though is the ability to select multiple assets at once for dragging within the EverWeb window, image gallery, image slider etc… This saves a lot of time when creating image galleries.

EverWeb Asset Management

Sort Assets and Find Unused Assets

A lot More…

There are a lot more features in EverWeb 1.8. I’ll be covering them over the next few weeks. There’s auto saving and backup to make sure you don’t lose any projects. There’s a lot of improvements to the Image Slider like captions and linking specific slides to a URL. There’s new optimizations for images on importing and publishing and so much more.

I’m excited about this release! I think it shows a lot of really great new features and improvements.

What do you think about this release of EverWeb? Let us know in the comments section….

27 May 2015

Google Mobile Search Results Update – Important Tip For EverWeb Sites

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With Google’s new update regarding search results on mobile devices, it is now even more important for EverWeb users to take action if they not done so yet.

Many users are using mobile phones to find businesses through Google, so making sure you have a mobile website has never been more important.

The new change will basically ‘favour’ websites that are mobile friendly, which Google hopes will in turn provide a better user experience (in terms of browsing on a mobile phone). Google can tell whether or not your webpages have mobile counterparts, so if you don’t want to lose out on that mobile traffic, now is the time to make the change.

Below is a video tutorial that will cover this change and let EverWeb users know what needs to be done in order to stay relevant in the world of mobile surfing.

20 Jun 2014

Header Tags – EverWeb Widget

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headerA header tag is similar to a headline in a newspaper or magazine article. The headline gives a ‘big picture’ idea of what the scope of an article is about. For a website, a header tag does the same. Header tags have 6 levels, with 1 being the highest and 6 being the lowest. Header tags are highly considered in search engine optimization (SEO) so for those users who are looking for more traffic to their website (who isn’t these days?) header tags can certainly be helpful.

This free widget allows you to easily add a header tag to your website in EverWeb. You can choose from all 6 levels of a header tag.

You can also modify the font, font size, and font color of your header tag like you normally would modify any font in EverWeb.

Tip: As mentioned earlier, the h1 header tag is the most important header tag, but you should make sure to only place one h1 header per page on your website. If you are targeting specific keywords on your site, make sure to include the most important one in your h1 tag. If you have other keywords to target, use an h2, and/or h3 header tag for those.

16 Jun 2014

Facebook Link Preview – EverWeb Widget

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UPDATE: The ability to add a Facebook link preview image has now been added to EverWeb 1.8 and higher. You no longer need to use this widget. You can specify the image for each page by going to the Site Settings tab, and choosing an image next to the option that says Social Media Image.

Ever notice that when you post a link to a website on Facebook, there might be a particular image and title/description that appears? These can actually be set by the webmaster so that they can control what people see whenever someone posts their link on Facebook. This widget will allow you to set the title, description and the image(s) to be displayed when a user posts your link on Facebook.

The widget uses EverWeb’s built-in Image Gallery widget to allow you to more easily setup your Facebook link preview.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the widget for setting up the preview. There are 4 steps in the process so be sure to read each one carefully, and follow them accordingly.

This widget can be downloaded free of charge. Remember to install the widget by double clicking on the .ewwdgt file.

Update: Version 2.0 of this widget allows you to access your FB preview image directly from your assets list.

10 Jun 2014

Alternative Text For Images – EverWeb Widget

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imageThis is a simple widget that allows you to add alternative text for your images in EverWeb. If you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) then you know that alternative text can help to drive more traffic to your website. Alternative text gives Google and other search engines more information about the content on your website, specifically, your images. With a rise in popularity with image search engines, getting your images indexed can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

This widget will allow you to simply select your image and then add alternative text to it. This widget is available as a free download. Remember to double click on the .ewwdgt file to install the widget.

Alternative Text Tips: Describe the image as best as you can. Do not make the alternative text very long. Using the keywords that you are targeting on your page is a good idea.

Examples of bad alternative text: cool view of a mountain, our products, camera,

Examples of good alternative text: Grey clouds at the peak of Mount Everest, All natural spray bottle bathroom cleanser, Black vintage Polaroid camera from 1991.

See some of my other widgets featured on the EverWeb add ons page.