01 Jan 2009

Why use Google Analytics

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Since writing my tutorial on inserting Google Analytics into an iWeb site I have received several e-mails asking me what is the point of it. I did touch on the subject in the original post, but now I will try and explain the rational behind inserting the mother of all hit counters into your iWeb site. Read more

26 Dec 2008

Make your text into an image

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If you have spent ages on your iWeb site design, the last thing you want is to be restricted to which fonts you can use. In iWeb it is simple to change all of your text into images so that you can use that totally funky font that you always wanted and all your site’s visitors will see it exactly how you planned it. Read more

26 Dec 2008

SEO for iWeb – Part 5 – More on keywords

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In my previous post on Keywords for iWeb I discussed how to insert the ‘keywords’ meta-tag into your iWeb site, but in truth there is much more to keywords than that. In fact, many of the larger search engines don’t even use the keyword meta-tag as they are well aware that ‘dodgy’ web-site owners will just fill it up with unrelated words just to get higher in the search engine rankings. In this post I want to talk about where else keywords will apply to your iWeb site. Read more

14 Dec 2008

Internet Explorer on your Mac

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I have mentioned many times before on this site that if you take your iWeb site seriously you should be testing it in all manner of browsers first before going live. There is no point in spending hours, days or weeks creating a work of art in iWeb if it falls apart as soon as some-one opens it in the worlds most popular browser. Read more

14 Dec 2008

Comments on a non-MobileMe blog – Update

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Many of you will have read my previous two tutorials on inserting comments into an iWeb blog that isn’t hosted with a MobileMe account and thank you to those people who sent me favourable e-mails on them. Haloscan, the people who gave us the orignal code for adding the comments to the site have been taken over by a company called JS-Kit and they in turn have made the process for adding comments to your iWeb blog different. In this tutorial I explain the new method of inserting comments into your non-MobileMe blog. Read more