05 Sep 2008

‘Back to the top’ links in iWeb

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Have you ever visited a really long web-site that you have found really interesting and once you have read all the way to the bottom you then have to scroll all the way back to the top to get to the nav-bar again? Perhaps you have created a long blog entry or a page with lots of photos and you want to provide a link at the bottom of the page that says ‘Back to the top’ so your site visitors don’t have to get cramp in their scrolling finger. Read more

30 Aug 2008

Adding a favicon to iWeb – Part 2

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Following on from my first post on Adding a favicon to your iWeb site (which has proved to be by far and away my most popular post to date) several people have asked me how to set up MassReplaceIt so that they can carry out the necessary replacement of the HTML in their site before they publish. So in an attempt to help you all out here’s a quick tutorial. Read more

29 Aug 2008

SEO for iWeb sites – Part 1

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  It has long been a bugbear of iWeb users that no matter how hard we try, whenever we type a few words into a search engine and we know our iWeb site relates to those words, half the world and his dog appears before us in the list of sites. With a few basic tweaks and by following a few simple guidelines you can change that scenario and start to get your iWeb site some higher page rankings. Read more

28 Aug 2008

Freebie Custom ‘Made on a Mac’ badges

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So I was lying in bed thinking the other night, wouldn’t it be good if I could change the bog standard “made on a Mac” logo in iWeb…..Sad….I know!!

We all like to show off the fact that we are Mac users.  Why the heck not? It is something to be proud of.  But when it comes to iWeb all we can use is that one solitary grey logo, don’t you think it would be better to have something more in keeping with your particular chosen theme. Read more

28 Aug 2008

Add comments to a non MobileMe iWeb blog

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One of the main reasons I use WordPress for this web-site rather than iWeb 08 was the lack of functionality of the blog pages if I wanted the site hosted anywhere other than on MobileMe. Yes it has RSS but the search function and comments for example, did not work and, although I think I could put up without the ability to search a blog (I would just make sure that I had very good navigation) I don’t think that I could live without comments. Read more