28 Aug 2008

Add comments to a non MobileMe iWeb blog

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One of the main reasons I use WordPress for this web-site rather than iWeb 08 was the lack of functionality of the blog pages if I wanted the site hosted anywhere other than on MobileMe. Yes it has RSS but the search function and comments for example, did not work and, although I think I could put up without the ability to search a blog (I would just make sure that I had very good navigation) I don’t think that I could live without comments. Read more

24 Aug 2008

10 Top Tips for iWeb users

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Although I haven’t been using iWeb for that long I have come up with the following 10 top tips that have made my life easier when it comes to designing a good looking site. If you can think of anymore why not share them with us, add a comment!  Read more

22 Aug 2008

Add social bookmarking to your iWeb

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If, like me you spend a lot of time on the internet reading blogs you will notice that a large majority of them have, in one form or another, the ability to add the blog post or page to a social bookmarking site. There are loads about, sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Del.icio.us or Facebook to name but a few. Read more

22 Aug 2008

Web safe fonts for iWeb

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Imagine the scene.  You have found a gap in the internet that you feel you could exploit with a web-site. You book some holidays from work and take three weeks to design your perfect web-site. All the images are there, you have customised the theme just the way you like it and everything looks great. You get yourself a domain name and some webspace, but before you go ‘live’ with the site you ask your PC using friend to take a look and let you know what he thinks (feedback is always good). ‘It looks great’ says your PC using friend ‘except the font looks really crappy!’ Aaaaagggghhhh!! Read more

19 Aug 2008

Add a FavIcon to your iWeb site

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It seems to be all the rage these days, having a Favicon showing in the address bar of your site.  You may be surprised to learn that getting on there is really easy.  Follow the tutorial below to see how you can add a little bit of colur to your visitors address bars. Read more