29 Dec 2017

Super Fast Publishing with EverWeb 2.6

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The recently released EverWeb version 2.6 comes with a couple of significant features that’ll be a boon when previewing and publishing your website.

Faster Publishing, Better Publishing Information
The great news for all EverWeb users is faster publishing of your website with EverWeb version 2.6. When publishing, two things happen: first of all your website project’s files are processed and second, the processed files are uploaded to your Host Server.

As well as faster publishing, EverWeb version 2.6 gives you more information at both stages of the publishing process. During the first stage you’ll now have see an “‘x of y’ pages” processed in the ‘Publishing’ dialog box.

During the second stage, when the processed files are uploaded to your Host server, you’ll now see more detailed, realtime, information as to the status of the upload. To see this detailed information, use the File-> Site Publishing Settings menu option or click on the name of your website project file in the Web Page List when publishing.

The information you now see includes the number of files already uploaded out of the total number to be uploaded. Bear in mind that the number of files to upload depends on the contents of your pages e.g.images and other media files in your pages count as files to upload. You’ll also see how much of the total file size has already been uploaded and which files are currently being uploaded to the Host Server. Remember that the size of the file upload will vary depending on changes you have made to your website and whether you are publishing just changes to your site or the entire site.

Faster Uploading Through Simultaneous Connections
As well as having more information to hand during the publishing process, EverWeb version 2.6 allows you to upload files simultaneously by allowing you to change the number of simultaneous connections to your host server. You can find this setting in the File-> Preferences-> Publishing tab.

Adjusting the number of simultaneous connections can result in your publishing being up to five times faster than before. Remember that when it comes to publishing the speed increase occurs during the second stage of the publishing process, so bear this in mind when comparing publishing using EverWeb 2.6 against previous versions. You should generally find that the larger the project file, the greater the benefit of faster publishing. Many EverWebbers have already found significant improvements in publishing speeds over older versions of the product.

The number of simultaneous connections allowed ranges from 1 to 20 connections. Having only one connection is the slowest, but safest, way to publish your website. Setting the value to 20 connections is the fastest way to publish your website, but also the riskiest as there is a higher chance of connection failures. You may need to set a value somewhere between the minimum and maximum to get best results. You can do this by trial and error, or your Hosting Provider may be able to guide you. Often Hosting Providers set a limit as to the number of simultaneous server connections are allowed at one time.

If you get timeout messages when publishing try dialling back the number of connections used in the the Publishing Preferences. If you’re testing to see how many connections you can have without causing timeout issues, it may also be worth waiting awhile between tests as it may take a bit of time for the connections you’ve used in your first test to be freed up for use in your next test.

If you are publishing to your EverWeb+Hosting account, you will probably find a value of 3-5 connections the best for publishing.

If you are using FTP, check to see if you can use FTP+SSH to your Host Server as SSH allows for simultaneous connections. Again, check with your hosting provider as to what the best number of connections is advised and if your Hosting plan allows you to use the FTP+SSH option.

EverWeb version 2.6 is really speedy when it comes to publishing so it’s a highly recommended update!

30 Nov 2017

EverWeb 2.6 Is Here! Lightning Fast Publishing, Scroll Position and Much More!

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EverWeb version 2.6 has just become available with a raft of new and updated features to enjoy. It’s a big release so here are some of the major highlights you can look forward to…

Lightning Fast Publishing
EverWeb 2.6 allows you to set the number of connections to the publishing host server through the EverWeb-> Preferences menu. This means that publishing of files to the host server can now be done in parallel rather than one file at a time. The result: much faster publishing, possibly up to 5x the speed of EverWeb 2.5. This is great news, especially if you’ve got large project files to publish.

Publishing also gives you more accurate and detailed information on the Site Publishing Settings screen during the publishing process.

Support for FTP+SSH
In addition to lightning fast publishing, EverWeb now supports FTP+SSH in addition to FTP and FTP+SSL. There’s also a new ‘Test Connection’ button that you can use before publishing to check your connection to the host server.

Scroll Position
EverWeb now supports anchor links so you can set up hyperlinks anywhere in your project pages e.g. if you want to hyperlink to a particular section in your web page, such as a paragraph heading, you can do this easily by inserting a Scroll Position line at the paragraph heading. When you click on the hyperlink linked to the Scroll Position, you’ll be taken directly to the paragraph heading. In previous versions of EverWeb you would be taken only to the top of the page you hyperlinked to.

Checkout the video on the new Scroll Position feature.

Updated UI Elements
EverWeb’s UI has had a freshen up in version 2.6 with room being made on the Toolbar for Scroll Position. There’s also a new, fresh look for all of the built-in widgets in the Widgets tab.

Insert Buttons have also seen an update with fresh new looks for all of EverWeb’s buttons bringing them up to date with a contemporary look. Buttons are now also scalable too so you can size them as you like.

Theme Templates
There’s lots happening with Theme Templates in this version of EverWeb. First of all, when you open the Theme Template Chooser, you can now just start typing the name of the theme you want if you know its name as EverWeb uses Type Ahead technology to take you quickly to the template you want.

In addition, any new templates that are downloaded are flagged with a ‘New’ badge so you can easily see what’s new.

The best news though, is that at least 20 new themes have been added with this version of EverWeb! Many of the new templates employ new version 2.6 features such as Scroll Position. Some templates themes also have a ‘Blog’ page as well. Some of the new templates feature Google Fonts, so when you install them, you may be asked if you want to download the theme’s fonts as well which we recommend you do!

PayPal Widget Updated
For those of you who use EverWeb’s E-Commerce PayPal widget, you’ll notice that the buttons for ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘View Cart’ have been updated with PayPal’s latest designs. There’s also a brand new ‘Donate’ purchase type available. If you use your own customized buttons, these can now be scaled in size.

Preview Server Updated
EverWeb introduced Preview Server in version 2.5. In the new 2.6 release you can find settings for the feature on the EverWeb-> Preferences-> General tab. You can turn Preview Server off if it causes problems with your browser (e.g. Google Chrome may be problematic). You can also see the IP address used for the preview in Preview Server’s Preferences. This is useful as you can now preview on one device on your network and view that preview on any other device connected to your local network.

Other Notable Enhancements
A lot of work’s been done with fill types, especially for page and browser backgrounds so that they now work better. There’s also improvements to how scaling works in Shape Options. The Facebook Page Timeline widget includes fixes for issues with the Show Timeline, Show Events and Show Messages checkboxes not being respected. The RSS Feed, Audio and Video widgets have also had some minor tweaks and upgrades.

These are just some of the highlights in the new version of EverWeb. There are a lot more little nips, tucks and fixes in this version so updating is highly recommended.

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