21 Oct 2011

Was iWeb Apples first go at a social network?

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There’s FaceBook and Twitter, MySpace or YouTube. Google has Google+ and now Apple has Ping. There are literally hundreds of social networking sites, apps and tools available at the moment. But before Ping (you know, that social network based on music that comes with iTunes) came along can it be considered that iWeb was indeed Apple’s first foray into the world of social networking? It’s not as crazy as you may think. Read more

07 Jun 2011

Day 7 – Blogging with iWeb

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It has been well documented that using iWeb as a blogging platform is not the most ideal solution, however, if you know nothing else then what have you got to lose? Yes it has it’s restrictions but it can be intuitive and presents an easy solution if you want to start in the world of blogging.

It is almost an unwritten web design law that if you run a business site you should run a blog to go with it. It will allow you to keep your customers (past, present and future) up to date with your products and services. Likewise if your iWeb site is on a more personal note you may want to keep family and friends up to date with what you are doing. I have seen plenty of iWeb blogs that are kept running by people on ‘world tours’ with entries for each of their major stops. Read more

23 Jul 2010

So, what have I missed?

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Regular readers of all about iWeb will know that I have been away for a few weeks catching some sun, so my first post, now that I am back, is going to be a catch up on what’s been happening whilst I was lying poolside with a cool beer and what you can expect from All About iWeb over the coming weeks. Read more

31 Dec 2009

A look back at the All About iWeb year – 2009

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2009 is almost at an end and I thought I would take this opportunity to take a look back at the year and give you a roundup of the most popular posts on All About iWeb over the last 12 months as well as some of my favorite ones too. If there is a particular post you liked and perhaps want to see more of in 2010 why not leave a comment and let us know. Read more

21 Aug 2009

iWeb footers – What do you do with yours?

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During the writing of this web-site I look at hundreds of iWeb sites. One thing that seems to be common practice amoungst quite a few of them is a lack of use of the footer area of the site.

I admit it is nice to declare proudly that the web-site you have slaved over was ‘made on a Mac’ but you can do (and should do) so much more with this under used area of iWeb ‘real estate’. Read more