25 Oct 2011

Still more lovely iWeb sites

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It’s about time I ran another one of these posts displaying some gorgeous iWeb sites. You know the sort of thing, the ones that you wish you could do if only they were possible. Well, fret no more! Take a look at this collection of lovely web-sites all built with iWeb; there’s even one that was built in iWeb 2.

As always, click on the image to be taken to the site.

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21 Jun 2011

Day 21 – Making your iWeb site mobile

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We now have a live iWeb site and thanks to our self-promotion on various social media networks, forums and other sites we have started getting in a steady stream of visitors. Okay so the numbers aren’t huge….yet, but give it time; it can take ages. This lesson isn’t something you necessarily have to consider straight away but might want to look at it if your site really takes off; we are going to make our iWeb sites mobile friendly.

There is a variety of things to take into consideration when designing a site for mobile users and we shall be touching on as many as we can. There are also a few links to some mobile web-site galleries for your inspiration. Read more

20 Jun 2011

Day 20 – RSS Feeds that work

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If you have ever published an iWeb site then you will know that iWeb already comes with the ability to set up an RSS feed for your site. The trouble is that it isn’t that great. Its reliability is patchy at best even when you host your iWeb site on MobileMe and it isn’t at all customizable. If you could at least have your RSS feed appear in the same colors as your iWeb site that would be a start wouldn’t it? Read more

16 Jun 2011

Day 16 – Favicons and other nice bits

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Today is the day we discuss eye-candy for your iWeb site. It’s bling day! Things that take your iWeb site that little bit further and help it stand out from the crowd. Also getting a mention will be bits and pieces you can add in the background to help you get the most from your site. We’ll start with adding a favicon to your site along with a poll so you can start quizzing your visitors. Other things we can include are Google Analytics so you can monitor what your visitors like or not. Read more

15 Jun 2011

Day 15 – Tell Google you’re here

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One thing that confuses a lot of iWeb users is that once they have published their lovely iWeb site to the Internet why, when they type in their keywords on Google, can they find no sign of their online pride and joy.

There are a variety of reasons why their site does not appear in search engines but the 2 main ones are explained in today’s lesson along with solutions and tips to help sort out others.

I will start by asking a question. Did you tell Google you were there in the first place? When you publish any web site to the WWW and you want it to feature on the worlds largest search engine you have to let that search engine know that you are live. Okay, strictly speaking you don’t have to, you can forget this stage and let your iWeb site sit about for months on end without too many visitors, but where is the fun in that?

To let Google know about your site all you have to do is add a little bit of code to your site, go back to Google and let them know you have added it, they will check and that’s it.

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