14 May 2010

Your iWeb questions

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Well when I your I don’t mean all of you but a few of you. I have been catching up on some of my e-mails and decided to pick some of the more popular questions that you have asked and put them all in a post. I used to do this a while ago but haven’t done it for a while now, although it is a great way of answering so many e-mails in one swoop. So rest assured this will (I hope) become a regular occurrence once again. Just keep the questions coming. Read more

10 Apr 2010

How to add a fixed floating menu to your iWeb

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Almost a year ago I wrote a post pointing you all in the direction of an iWeb site explaining how iWeb users with long pages can add Anchors to those long pages so that visitors to the site didn’t have to keep scrolling up and down to get to see the navigation.

Of course another solution would be to get the nav-bar to follow the user down the page as they scrolled, and that’s what this post is all about. There are many ways of getting a floating static nav-bar on your iWeb site, but most involve Javascript, JQuery or something similar, I wanted to find an easy solution. Read more

20 Feb 2010

How to detect an iPhone visitor to your iWeb site

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Last year I wrote a post all about making an iWeb site look good on an iPhone or iPod Touch and a few of you have written to me to ask whether it would be possible to have an iPhone user automatically redirected to a completely different page, one that had been designed specifically for an iPhone’s smaller screen. Well I have been doing a bit of digging and a bit of experimenting and I think I have finally come up with a solution.

There are several ways of achieving the automatic redirection however many involve PHP or HTML and Conditional Comments which change the CSS layout of a page. All well and good if you are an established web-designer not using iWeb so I had to find a different method. Read more

19 Jan 2010

Book Review – Teach Yourself Visually iLife 09

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Okay so I had some book vouchers for Christmas and couldn’t really decide what I should buy with them, especially as I got the books I wanted for Christmas too. Then a few days ago I accidentally hit the GarageBand icon instead of the iWeb icon on my Dock and when it popped up I was tempted to stay and play for a while. Only I just made rubbish. ‘Ding’ a light-bulb appeared above my head and the very next day off I popped to the shops to get me a iLife book to learn some more of GarageBand and help me brush up my iWeb skills too. Read more

19 Jan 2010

Looks like iLife 2010 maybe on it’s way

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I am not normally one for believing in the hype that surrounds Apple, but lets face it there has been an awful lot of speculation about an ‘iSlate’ of late if any of the Apple Rumor Blogs are to be believed. Tonight however there is a newer buzz; iLife 2010 could be on it’s way.

And we all know what comes with iLife! Our favorite web design application of course. And so you don’t have to go searching round the www to find all of the gossip, here are a few links for you to take a look at. Read more