19 Jun 2011

Day 19 – Add SexyBookmarks to iWeb

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Ever since I added the SexyBookmarks icons to the bottom of all of the posts on AllAboutiWeb I have been inundated with e-mails from people asking me how it can be done in iWeb. Well there is a solution, and the key is with an HTML Snippet and a little bit of CSS. It is not me who came up with this concept but I have adapted, with very kind permission, a tutorial I found at Web Developer Juice, so that iWeb users can now have this popular look on their web sites too.

All of the files you need to add the SexyBookMarks to your iWeb site are available to download at the bottom of the post so fear not, you haven’t got lots of typing to do. Just follow the instructions I have provided and you should be ready to go in minutes. Read more

09 Jun 2011

Day 9 – Let’s consider other iWeb pages

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iWeb sets us up with many of the common pages that are used when a web site is built, be it the home page, about me page, a blog or even a photo gallery. Then there is the blank page that comes with every iWeb theme, what can you use that for? Today’s lesson is a pause for thought in what other pages you may want to include on your iWeb site.

There are many to consider and, of course it depends on what sort of web site you are running so let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones that don’t come as standard with iWeb

Read more

08 Jun 2011

Day 8 – Getting audio with your iWeb site

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Looking back at all of my AAi tutorials this seems to be the very first time that I have covered the subject of adding audio to an iWeb site; I best make it a good one then.

There is a variety of reasons you may want to add a nice bit of sound to your site, be it a subtle bit of background music your visitors can listen to while they are browsing your site, examples of your bands latest tracks on mp3 to download or even a podcast. There are common rules and standards for whatever type of audio you want to add, so let’s start with those. Read more

05 Jun 2011

Day 5 – Optimizing your iWeb photo page

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20 Mar 2011

iWeb 101 – The HTML Snippet

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Another ‘in preparation for’ post this time to get you ready for the next post on All About iWeb; this time I want to explain how the HTML Snippet in iWeb works, and how it manages to allow all manner of different web-design magic display on your iWeb site. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to know all of this information before you add things to iWeb but it should give you a greater understanding of how your iWeb site works. Read more