29 Apr 2011

iWeb works better with IE thanks to WebCrusher

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Regular readers of this blog will know I like to sing the praises of companies who do good things for iWeb. One such company is Canadian based firm Rage Software and in their latest update to WebCrusher (now version 1.9) they have bought iWeb users the ability to improve the compatibility of their iWeb sites when they are visited by users choosing Internet Explorer.

It is one of the more common questions I am asked in e-mails ‘how do I get my site looking better in IE?’ and I ran a few posts back in June 2009 explaining a few tips or how to display a warning message to IE users using just CSS which still prove popular if my stats are anything to go by, but now we can add WebCrusher to the toolbox.

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22 Apr 2011

5 things I want to see in iWeb 4.0.0

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I was going to call this post ‘An open letter to Apple’ but then thought against it. Who can tell what they are thinking over in Apple and cards are kept so close to chests that it is uber difficult to second guess the next big thing that will appear from Apple HQ. Like many of you I was disappointed when iLife 11 came out and there was no update to iWeb; not even any new themes. I remember watching screen-casts of Steve Jobs singing the praises of Safari 5 and how it was the world’s most super browser, but I could never understand why their web design app was lagging soooo far behind. So here is my list of what I would like to see in the next version of iWeb.

I want to stress too that this isn’t a whimsical post. I have thought about this long and hard, and of course I have the benefit of the feedback from almost 4000 daily visitors to help me decide on the best features that should be included, so here I go.

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