01 Feb 2014

EverWeb 1.2 Full Review; Master Pages/Templates

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A big update has been posted for EverWeb. As many of you know, EverWeb is so far the best alternative to iWeb, which was discontinued over 2 years ago. It follows the same interface as iWeb but comes with a lot of new features that iWeb never had.

EverWeb 1.2 Review

EverWeb 1.2 comes with one of the most exciting new features that many users have been asking for, Master Pages.

Master Pages lets you set up a global design for your website. Then you assign your Master Page to whichever pages you want to use this design. When you make a change to your Master Page, every page that uses your Master Page will be updated as well.

For users with large websites, this feature will be a life saver!

Now when you want to make a simple change to your Site’s design, you n0 longer have to go through every single page to make that change. Simply update your Master Page and you’re done.

Typically a Master Page should be used to create a header and footer for your site. Then each individual page will have a unique design within the content area. You can also use Master Pages to specify browser and page background colors/images.

This new feature makes designing and maintaining websites so much easier. If you haven’t switched from iWeb 09 to EverWeb, now is the time to really consider changing your web building tool. You can create your iWeb design as a Master Page in EverWeb and simply assign that to every new page on your site. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to rebuild your iWeb site in EverWeb.

Multiple Master Pages

EverWeb lets you have as many Master Pages as you like. Typically you will only have 1 or 2, though it is good to know you can create an unlimited amount. One Master Page can be used for your desktop website and one can be used for your Mobile site.

When creating Master Pages, try to think if a group of pages have a lot of common elements. If so, consider creating more Master Pages for that group. That way you will always have less pages to update when you want to make a design change.

The only downside is that you cannot create a Master Page based on other Master Pages, though this limitation does not hinder you too much and for most users it will be a non-issue.

Master Pages in EverWeb

What’s Missing in EverWeb 1.2

A couple of features I was hoping for in EverWeb 1.2 include;

1. FTP Publishing Add in version 1.3

2. Blogging

3. More Widgets

Let us know what you think of the EverWeb update in the comments below.

21 Oct 2011

Was iWeb Apples first go at a social network?

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There’s FaceBook and Twitter, MySpace or YouTube. Google has Google+ and now Apple has Ping. There are literally hundreds of social networking sites, apps and tools available at the moment. But before Ping (you know, that social network based on music that comes with iTunes) came along can it be considered that iWeb was indeed Apple’s first foray into the world of social networking? It’s not as crazy as you may think. Read more

17 Jun 2011

Day 17 – Let’s go publish our iWeb site

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Today is the the day! It’s publishing time, our iWeb site is going to go live at long last. We have spent time choosing the best theme for the job, spell checked everything making sure all our text is jam-packed full of keywords, images are all optimized and looking sharp, we’ve added a contact page, our blogs are looking top notch, testing has gone well and we have sorted all of the little niggles by either tweaking the design or adding a little CSS warning message; we are good to go!

But what now? We still have a choice to make. Which host do we go with? Until recently the choice was regular web host or MobileMe but you will have seen in my recent post that iCloud, the replacement for MobileMe will not support iWeb hosting. In my honest opinion though, even if we did still have MobileMe there is only once answer, go with a dedicated host. Why? Because it’s what they do and it is all they do, and if you find the right one then they are experts in what they do too. Read more

13 Jun 2011

Is this the end of iWeb?

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I was reading Twitter earlier on today and got a bit of a shock! Being half asleep though I chose to ignore what I had read and put it to the back of my mind. It was then this afternoon when I got an e-mail from Danish iWeb user Peter Vistisen when it suddenly hit me. There is a vicious rumor spreading around the WWW that iWeb has not much longer left for this world. Yep very soon our favorite app for creating our beautiful webpage masterpieces may well be no more.

How can this be I hear you cry! Well according to MacRumors Steve Jobs has announced it. AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! Read more

24 Jul 2010

Apparently iLife 11 is coming soon

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That’s right folks. If you live in France and have been reading many of the Mac related web-sites that are available you may well have already seen the various posts that have appeared very recently.

And these posts are all saying the same thing, iLife 11 is coming out next month. Read more