Hi, my name is Tim Bowden and I am the bloke behind All About iWeb.

I have been designing web-sites since 1997 and run a large intranet site as a day job. I do not claim to be the world’s foremost expert on the subject, I do know a little about creating good looking, accessible sites.

How it all started

I was first introduced to iWeb 08 back in 2008 when a friend gave me an old iBook G4 and found that it could be used to create some really attractive and useable web-sites. The problems came when I wanted to do ‘more’ with my web-site; introducing interactivity and useability was not easy. That’s when I started to look around for iWeb tutorials and was disappointed with the lack of results.

With the belief that I couldn’t be the only one looking to take my iWeb sites to the next level I launched All About iWeb in August 2007 and I have been learning and publishing about iWeb ever since. This site, you may notice, is created in WordPress rather than iWeb; there are 2 reasons for this. To begin with, when I first launched All About iWeb I knew much more about WordPress than iWeb and after having written nearly 150 posts I didn’t want to have to rewrite them all.

What’s it all about?

In a nutshell, everything I have learnt since I have been using iWeb I want to share with you as iWeb tutorials or tips.  I believe that anybody who publishes a site to the internet has some duty of care to their visitors to create beautiful, standard compliant and accessible web-sites that users can enjoy and want to come back to and we can’t do that unless we expand the boundaries of what iWeb can do.

Keep in touch with All About iWeb

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If there is something you would like me to produce, perhaps in the form of an iWeb tutorial, drop me a line via the Contact page, or you can follow me on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy All About iWeb and look forward to hearing from you.