18 Jun 2011

Day 18 – I’ve got an iWeb site, visit me

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Today’s lesson is all about promoting our iWeb sites and getting visitors doing just that, visiting. There are many methods a web site owner can employ to get people to their web site. It isn’t just a case of getting the SEO right and then sitting back and waiting. Sure that will work, but it will work slowly and you want hits now! So once you have published your site and registered with Google what else can you do to make sure you attract as many visitors as possible to your iWeb site? Read on and find out. Read more

15 Jun 2011

Day 15 – Tell Google you’re here

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One thing that confuses a lot of iWeb users is that once they have published their lovely iWeb site to the Internet why, when they type in their keywords on Google, can they find no sign of their online pride and joy.

There are a variety of reasons why their site does not appear in search engines but the 2 main ones are explained in today’s lesson along with solutions and tips to help sort out others.

I will start by asking a question. Did you tell Google you were there in the first place? When you publish any web site to the WWW and you want it to feature on the worlds largest search engine you have to let that search engine know that you are live. Okay, strictly speaking you don’t have to, you can forget this stage and let your iWeb site sit about for months on end without too many visitors, but where is the fun in that?

To let Google know about your site all you have to do is add a little bit of code to your site, go back to Google and let them know you have added it, they will check and that’s it.

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12 Jun 2011

Day 12 – An iWeb store selling things on-line

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I get asked many times through All About iWeb how easy is it to sell things from an iWeb site. The answer is that it is quite easy to sell things and I have seen many sites that do just that. There are many things to keep in mind however when you do want to add a products page as well as which payment system you want to use. We will be covering all these things in today’s post.

I know first hand that selling products from an iWeb site can be done without too much effort as I have had Themes for iWeb going now for some time. This post is all taken from my experience. Read more

14 Nov 2010

10 things to consider when using iWeb for your business web-site

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Using iWeb for a business web-site is still a rather popular topic. There are those that think iWeb should never be used, and others that swear by it. I wrote a post on using iWeb for business in July of 2009 and thought it was about time I revisited the subject with a little checklist of things that we should all think about when planning to use our favorite web design app to make a functional business site. Read more

23 Jul 2010

So, what have I missed?

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Regular readers of all about iWeb will know that I have been away for a few weeks catching some sun, so my first post, now that I am back, is going to be a catch up on what’s been happening whilst I was lying poolside with a cool beer and what you can expect from All About iWeb over the coming weeks. Read more