03 Oct 2009

Splash Screens – to have or not to have…

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That is the question. I have mentioned many times before on All About iWeb that I spend a lot of my time looking at other peoples iWeb-sites either for inspiration or to help solve their problems.

One thing I have noticed however is how many of you have splash screens. You know the sort of thing, a page that welcomes visitors with an image or 2 and the obligatory phrase ‘Click here to enter’. Read more

10 Aug 2009

Header tags in iWeb – Take 2

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As they say in French, ‘j’ai fait une gaffe!’ when I posted a tutorial on adding the header tags (h1, h2, h3 etc…) to iWeb via an HTML Snippet. Having not checked my iWeb site’s code properly I did not see that in fact iWeb didn’t insert the code into the page where I wanted it, but created a completely different page and linked back to it from the main-page.

This made me more determined to find a simple method of getting header tags into iWeb. Read more

28 Jul 2009

You can do SEO with iWeb

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Since I published my post on why you should use iWeb for building and running a business related iWeb site I have received several e-mails from people telling me how wrong I am and how poor iWeb is for SEO. This shocked me a little so I did a bit of investigation.

When I first started using iWeb this time last year I would have probably agreed with you, but 12 month on I am writing this post to say ‘No, iWeb does do SEO Read more