11 Dec 2009

It’s giveaway time again at All About iWeb

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rage-logo-headerWell, it’s getting near the time of festive cheer and goodwill towards all iWeb users. All About iWeb has teamed up with those wonderful people at Rage software to offer you a veritable selection of their iWeb SEO software to help you kick start your New Year attack on Google.

So what are we giving away I hear you cry? There are 5 prizes on offer overall. The first winner picked out of the hat will win a lovely selection of software from Rage including Domainer, SERank, Web Crusher and Sitemap Automator.

After that there are 4 copies of Sitemap Automator to whet your appetite. All you have to do to win is leave a comment. The winners will be selected at random from all of the comments on this post at 8pm CET on Thursday 17 December 09.

Here’s a quick run down of the software you can win.

domainerDomainer. A neat little app that becomes really useful when you have more than one domain name. Even if you don’t, it can help you find one too. It can also give you tons of information about your chosen domain name(s) such as Alexa rank, how many sites are linked into yours….the list goes on.

serankSERank. If you want to find out your current standings on sites such as Google, or how many links there are into your site (and much, much more) then this puts all the information in one, easy to read place. I use this for All About iWeb and find it invaluable.

webcrusher-optimize-websiteWeb Crusher. Version 1.6 of Web Crusher was released recently and I gave it a test run last night on the themesforiweb.com site. It can significantly reduce the file sizes of your iWeb site which therefore means faster loading sites leading to happy visitors.

googlesitemapSitemap Automator. You want to get high up in Google? Get a sitemap. I don’t mean on of those pages that lists every other page on your iWeb site, that is soooo last year. I mean an XML sitemap, one that tells search engines all about your site, which page is linked to which page and lots of other useful stuff.

So get commenting and the best of luck to everyone.

You want new themes for iWeb? Why not take a look at www.themesforiweb.com

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41 Responses to “It’s giveaway time again at All About iWeb”

  1. Reply Katrina says:

    Ooh. I want! *fingers crossed*

  2. Reply Mary Ann says:

    Just want to take the opportunity to thank you for your very informative blog. I’ve learned so much from you. Keep up the graet work.

  3. Reply Ro from Amsterdam, Netherlands says:

    Goooood day’s are coming!

    Maybe also for a European visitor?
    Good luck to you all and a happy December-month.

    Greetings from Amsterdam.

  4. Reply Kyle says:

    Gotta love the holidays.

  5. Reply Dustin says:

    I hope, I hope, I hope…

  6. Reply Devon Jordan says:

    Just started following your blog after building my website through iWeb, and then having numerous friends request for me to do the same for them.

    Thanks for the great tips!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Kwanzaa, and all that

  7. Reply Jennifer says:

    I continue to find your site my preferred resource for my iweb efforts, but I’m here tonight looking for a tutorial on tellafriend or one of those sorts of buttons. I don’t see that you’ve done one. I got some code from socialtwist but it doesn’t work through the html widget and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to work. I don’t really care that I use socialtwist. I’m just trying to figure out how to get one of those type of “share this” buttons on my site. Any thoughts or pointers? Or maybe you’ve done a tutorial and I didn’t find it?
    Anyway, thanks for all your stuff here. I’ve learned a lot.

  8. Reply Jennifer says:

    !I figured it out using massreplaceit and your info on google analytics. Thanks!

  9. Reply Karina says:

    love your blog, you’ve helped me greatly along the way!! I’m proud to say Project K is iWeb made! thanks for the great giveaway!

    Merry Christmas

  10. Reply Rob says:

    Nice competition!
    The site is amazing as always since I first found it. Loving all the work you’re putting in for the iweb community. 🙂

  11. Reply Ramon van Biljouw says:

    Nice competition on a great which inspired me more than once..

  12. Reply Antoon Schraven says:

    Hey hey,

    seasongreetings from http://www.ilsedelangefanclub.nl, a site for the no.1 Dutch singer made in iWeb of course. Thx for lots of great stuff and tips so far Tim

    Dutch greetings! Antoon

  13. Reply Thierry says:

    Hello Tim, I use SEO tools from Rage Software it’s a great tool.
    My site just celebrate 1 year: http://www.wesdotphotography.com/Home.html
    My parents in law take all the picture, I just try to put them together in an orderly manner. I have another 100 pictures to organize: http://www.wesdotphotography.com/Death_Valley.html and http://www.wesdotphotography.com/California.html so Rage tool will be useful.
    Thanks for your site again.

  14. Reply Kristine says:

    Greetings from Australia!
    Love your site, its a great resource.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed. 🙂

  15. Reply Todd says:

    WOW! Sounds like everything I’ve needed to make iweb perfect! Can’t wait !!

  16. Reply Adrian M says:

    Sounds like some great software. I enjoy your blog btw … lots of useful tips =)

  17. Reply John says:

    Your the best

  18. Reply Jo says:

    What an amazing prize! Thank you!

  19. Reply shana says:

    gosh – i just discovered you about 2 days and i so appreciate all your efforts- thank you. just started with the IWeb SEO tool today! getting there… http://www.shanaphotography.com

  20. Reply Swizz says:

    Just found your site. It rocks! I’d LOVE to win this software. Maybe I can get my site up and running! :o)

  21. Reply Henry Bennett says:

    Sounds fantastic! Your blog is great by the way… really useful posts.

  22. Reply Mikkel says:

    hope it’s me..

  23. Reply shana says:

    i just noticed that if you click on the url link i posted the title tags do not appear. however, if you click on my name (in orange) they are there – no comprendo?? i see that somehow shanaphotography is listed 3 times in the url on the landing page – what to do? thanks in advance for any pointers! cheers…

  24. Reply Jeremy says:

    i hope i win!

  25. Reply iMaster says:

    Nice giveaway! I hope I win!

    P.S. – can we comment twice??

  26. Reply Mario says:

    Waiting for the 17th.

  27. Reply adam says:

    greetings from las vegas, hub of the west!

  28. Reply Cara says:

    i am loving this site! thanks for all you do….

  29. Reply Drew says:

    I just got a new imac and am diving into iweb to replace my horrible site. Thanks for all of the info on your site…..Where do I send the bribe of Krispy Kremes so I can win the prize?…..Yes, I’m from Chicago and that’s how things get done.

  30. Reply Mike says:

    Love the site. I learned a lot from it and use a lot of what I have learned on my site. I also use the demo of web crusher and would love to have to full version. Keep up the great work!

  31. Reply Larry says:

    When do you stop believing in Santa Clause?

    When you start getting clothes for Christmas. 🙂

  32. Reply Ole says:

    I really want this.
    I’m just starting with iWeb, and have plans to learn a lot more.
    The tools looks amazing.

    Greetings from the Faroe Islands

  33. Reply Herb Stichel says:

    I have just come across your website it’s great. Thanks.

    I have developed my site without having Optimize on Import check on – do I need to re-import each photo or is there a way to optimize the existing images on my site?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Hopefully I might even win a prize 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Down Under!!

  34. Reply basjes says:

    I just recently found your site. Thanks fo all the information and the oppertunity to win something.

  35. Reply Lanique Woodson says:

    I discovered your website while trying to search for help on how to change my navigation menu and the rest is history. I love what you present, your expertise and the wealth of tips and information that you provide for iweb users. I pray that I win one of the great giveaways and if I shall be picked over, I will remain happy because I found you and I am getting the much needed help to improve my organization’s website.

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

  36. Reply John Harned says:

    I LOVE your site. This is the best iWeb tutorial/forum out there. Keep up the good work.

  37. Reply Heather says:

    Well, rats. I missed it. But thank you so much for everything you’ve posted. You’ve been a HUGE help. Cheers!

  38. Reply Alma says:

    Looks like I missed it by thiiss much, but anyway thanks for keeping up with an awesome site.

  39. Reply anthony says:

    Love the site…thanks for the help

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