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Goodbye MobileMe, Hello iWeb FTP Publishing Issues

So by now you have probably noticed your MobileMe website no longer works and have switch to a real iWeb web hosting service.

So if you have iWeb 09 (version 3.0 or later) you can easily publish to an FTP server just as you did with MobileMe. Most of you are probably publishing without any issues. However, judging by the emails I have received some of you are experiencing some rather annoying bugs in iWeb that make publishing harder than it has to be.

There was an error communicating with the FTP server. Try again later, or check with your service provider

This error is a rather annoying one. It happens when you drag a picture, video or other external file onto iWeb that begins with a space. It is especially hard to track down produces this rather cryptic error message that doesn’t really describe what the problem is.

This video tutorial will show you how to fix this problem;

Login Authentication Failed

This error occurs when either you entered your username or your password incorrectly. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as they were sent to you by your web hosting provider. Also if you have an extra space at the beginning or the end of your password you will get this error. That is a common mistake when copying and pasting your login details.

Another common mistake is entering a (zero) 0 instead an an O (OH) or other common letters and numbers that look similar.

Directory path cannot be found

This error will occur whenever you enter an incorrect directory path. A common issue is similar to the login authentication issue where an extra space or line feed is entered in the field. iWeb will complain that it cannot find the directory path.

Otherwise you need to check with your web hosting provider to know what to enter in the directory path field. Do not guess what to enter here, it must be exactly what your web hosting provider tells you to enter.

More common FTP publishing issues with iWeb

For additional FTP publishing problems with iWeb watch this video tutorial to see if any of these issues affect you.

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  1. Hello Tim,
    I just want to say 1,000 thank you’s. I moved to a hosting service (justhost- maybe it was a mistake, I will have to wait and find out) and had the problem with publishing. I spent hours on the chat line trying to get some help, but was told so many excuses. The problem was my computer, the problem was my FTP, the problem was my ISP. Today I found your site and I am the happiest guy in the world. Thanks for such a great service.
    Btw. as a mac passionist do you have any idea about Keynote? There seems to be problem with exporting audio to quicktime. It looks like this problem has been around for a few years and I found no solutions on the net. Just a thought 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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