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iWeb Replacement Is Called EverWeb

The iWeb replacement app that has been buzzing in the iWeb community the last month or so will be called EverWeb. This is according to an email sent out by the developers of the iWeb replacement.

The email also let us know that EverWeb will be shown at MacWorld 2013, so if you will be in the bay area at the end of January, you can get a firsthand look at EverWeb.

The email also gave the Facebook page for EverWeb, where users can interact with one another and ask any questions they may have about EverWeb.

I was able to speak with the developers and here is my insider knowledge on EverWeb:

1) It is very similar to iWeb in the sense that it is pure drag and drop style website building.

2) iWeb lacked search engine optimization features. EverWeb will have these features built in.

3) There will be more widgets to work with.

4) There will be better, more modern templates.

5) You can create multiple sites easily.

All of this is really exciting news! I can’t wait until we get to try EverWeb out. In the meantime, head on over to the EverWeb Facebook page to learn more.

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  1. Exciting news! Do you know if there will be animated drop down menu items or sliders?

    1. There will be drop down menus, but I don’t believe sliders will be present (at least not in the initial release)

  2. I am excited. I am ready to get building

  3. What’s the deal about making people beleave this is a real iWeb replacement? As they state on their facebook page: “EasyWeb is a completely new application not made by Apple”, and an actual iweb page would have to be rebuild. This will be another software to make web pages just as rapidweaver or others. Not THE iweb replacement.

    1. Actually, RapidWeaver and similar products are more of iWeb alternatives. EasyWeb is very similar to iWeb, which makes it more of a replacement. I just looked over their Facebook page and I don’t believe I can see any thing on it that would make it appear that this was Apple creating a new iWeb.

  4. I built our local village community website using iWeb. Very pleased with the ease of doing this, but there are some drawbacks notwithstanding Apple dropping development or indeed any support for iWeb. I wanted to be able to freeze the menu at the top of every page on our website. I saw your article about this, but before launching into your solution I’d really appreciate being able to talk with you. I’d be most happy to ring you but there’s no telephone number to ring?


  5. So excited about Easy Web. Can’t wait to get started with this new software. As an iWeb lover, looking forward to a step up in features. Would like to have drop down menus and pictures that can span the background if possible.

    1. Kelly, Just wanted to say that has to be one of the best non-profit iWeb sites I have seen. Typically, these organizations don’t stray too far from the templates.



  6. I hope they bring in support for 3rd party web hosting within short order as I am not ready to switch from my current web host.

  7. Sounds good. Can’t wait to try Easy Web. Is there going to be any players for music sites, like different skin to chose from. That would be cool and all CMS platforms or site builders at this moment doesn’t have such an option; and looking for it I can see that many people in the music industry are interested in.

  8. Is there anything new about EasyWebs and is there are going to be integrated stuff for music sites, like audio players?

    1. Audio players can be added with the HTML snippet similarly to iWeb

      1. Jeff,

        Are you running any type of site about iWeb? Would be interested in all your great info.


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