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One of the main reasons I use WordPress for this web-site rather than iWeb 08 was the lack of functionality of the blog pages if I wanted the site hosted anywhere other than on MobileMe. Yes it has RSS but the search function and comments for example, did not work and, although I think I could put up without the ability to search a blog (I would just make sure that I had very good navigation) I don’t think that I could live without comments.

As many of you will know, iTweak has the ability to integrate Haloscan comments onto a blog but these appear as pop-ups rather than on the page itself. Not a bad solution but not ideal. So I did a bit of investigation on the Haloscan web-site, signed up for an account and now I have managed to get comments on my non MobileMe hosted blog on the same page.

If you haven’t already, sign up with Haloscan for a free account. Then open iWeb and select your blog.  If you have loads of entries already this may take you a long-time so it may be better to do the last 10 or 15 entries.

Open the blog entry (or any page for that matter) that you want to add comments to and select where you want the comments to appear.

Insert a HTML Snippet and into the black transparent box paste the code below:

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