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10 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for iWeb

What can I say that the title doesn’t already? Here is a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that I use in iWeb.  I must admit I am normally a ‘mouse-click and menu’ sort of a person but since I started using Adobe Illustrator I have found myself using shortcuts more and more.  So here is the list.

Shift-Command-L   This shows and hides the layout gridlines. I probably use this keyboard shortcut more than any other.

Command-Return   When you are typing in a text box and you realise you need to make it a bit bigger, use this shortcut to select the box rather than its contents.

Command-Drag Handle   Rotate an object. I can never which tab of the Inspector has the rotate function in it so this one is a godsend.

Command-Drag   Turn off alignment guides whilst dragging an object.  If you are trying to create a more free-style layout in your web-site nothing can be more annoying than dragging an object and seeing those little blue lines popping up left, right and centre!!!

Shift-Command-B   This sends the selected object ‘to the back’.  This is very handy if you have plenty of overlapping elements on your site. (Shift-Option-Command-B sends an object back one layer).

Shift-Command-F   This does the opposite of the above and brings the selected object ‘to the front’. (Shift-Option-Command-F bings an object forward one layer).

Command-Plus sign (+)  Increases the size of the font.  I find this one really handy (and the next shortcut) when I am adding titles to pages.

Command-Minus sign (-)  decreases the size of the font.

Option-Command-C  Copies the paragraph style.  If I am not happy with the default theme’s paragraph style I like to get it looking how I like on the home page then select the whole paragraph (3 clicks of the mouse) and then I can paste/apply that style on any subsequent paragraphs I type on the rest of the site (using Option-Command-V).

Command-?  Shows iWeb Help.  Okay, so I am still learning and even I need help every now and again.

A full list of iWeb keyboard shortcuts can be found in the support section of the Apple site.

If you have a keyboard shortcut(s) that you find useful why not let us know.

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