EverWeb 4.2.1 for Mac and windows out now
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EverWeb 4.2.1 Is Now Available for macOS and Windows!

An update to EverWeb 4.2 for Mac and Windows in the form of a maintenance and stability release has just arrived in the form of EverWeb 4.2.1. There are a couple of good fixes for issues that surfaced in EverWeb 4.2 such as the Paragraph Style name not showing in the Text Inspector. There are also a couple of more difficult to find fixes and a couple of product tweaks based on user feedback. Overall, it’s a good to update release!

You can download the update directly from the EverWeb website, or from the Support-> Downloads section of the EverWeb Client Area, or when you next login to EverWeb using the EverWeb-> Check for Updates… menu option on a Mac, or using the Help-> Check for Updates… menu option.

If you have any questions about EverWeb 4.2, the new maintenance release 4.2.1 or EverWeb in general, please let us know in the Comments below!

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