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‘Back to the top’ links in iWeb

Have you ever visited a really long web-site that you have found really interesting and once you have read all the way to the bottom you then have to scroll all the way back to the top to get to the nav-bar again? Perhaps you have created a long blog entry or a page with lots of photos and you want to provide a link at the bottom of the page that says ‘Back to the top’ so your site visitors don’t have to get cramp in their scrolling finger.Strictly speaking this is a cheat’s method of getting around this but it works just as well as a real anchor point. All you have to do is insert a text-box and move it to the bottom of your page and insert the text you want such as ‘Back to the Top’ or ‘Click here to go back up’.

Select the text and then open Inspector.  Select the Hyperlink tab (second from the right) and place a tick in ‘Enable as a hyperlink’. Choose ‘One of my pages’ from the drop down menu and then select exactly the same page that you are now editing.


Basically you are linking back to the same page and forcing the browser to reload the page your visitor is on. Because they have already loaded the page, their browser’s cache will have it stored and so the re-load should be almost instantaneous, making it seem to the site visitor that they have just clicked on a simple ‘back to the top’ link.

Of course you are not limited to a text-box, you can use a shape with text inserted or even a plain ‘up’ arrow.

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  1. Excellent tip that I am going to use on my website. It is great to see that there is help in cyberspace for a fellow iWeb user.

  2. I tried the “Back to the top” link tip and it works. Simple tip but very much appreciated.

    I gave you a link plug on Blog Catalog. The plug can be viewed directly by clicking on the Blog Catalog link on my homepage.

  3. Great tip, i’ll be looking at many more of your hints. P.S. when my site is being opened by other browsers, it seems very slow. (Do you have any ideas about the problem?) Also on the navigation bar at the top I wanted to create button links, can this be done?


  4. This is a good tip! but the page has to reload, I have a new way to do this.. Look at this Demo Video

  5. This may have worked for most folk, but not me – still using iweb 1!
    However, I found my own work-around:
    In the inspector (hyperlinks page) instead of entering the name of ‘one of my pages’ using the drop down box choice, choose ‘An external page’ and in the next box, copy in the full URL of the page to which you want to go back to the top – the page you’re already working on – It works! whereas the tip given above did not, for me at any rate.

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