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In-Line comments on a non-MobileMe blog – Update

Since I published my previous post on inserting in-line comments into iWeb blog that isn’t hosted with a MobileMe account I have received several e-mails asking for advice as they don’t seem to be working as I published. So I followed my tutorial and found no problems and tried to offer advice as best I could. However, over the last few days I have found that I too am having problems and no matter how hard I try to follow my previous tutorial, in-line comments do not seem to work. Well now I have found a solution and here it is.If you still want to have in-line comments on your blog, I must warn you that before you go any further this ‘fix’ involves editing a little bit of HTML, but it is VERY basic, so no panic!!

When you create your new blog entry, once you have finished typing hit ‘Return’ a few times and type something along the lines of ‘REPLACETHISTEXT’. This is where the comments will be inserted later.

Save your page and ‘publish your site to a folder’ as you would normally do. Now we come to the HTML editing bit. Navigate to your blog entry that you just typed and open it in your favourite HTML editor. (I have started to use TextWrangler and can highly recommend it). You now have to find the line of code that contains the bit of text you typed (eg. REPLACETHISTEXT) and delete the whole line.

In my page the entire line I deleted looks like this:


Then all you need to do is copy the code below remembering to change the ‘username’ and ‘page name’ to your required settings, save your page and upload it to your web-space.

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