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Over the past 4 weeks or so, I have been spending a lot of time concentrating on the building and designing my first custom iWeb theme that I plan to give away in my freebies section of this site. Once I have ironed out the last remaining bugs and it has had its final testing it shall be released, but in the meantime I have been looking for inspiration for other themes that I may give away and, in particular ‘blog only’ themes. iWeb is becoming a popular blogging tool, and although it may never reach the popularity of WordPress, more and more people are finding out about its ability to produce good looking, simple to run blogs. So in my search for inspiration I came across the following sites that I though I might share with you all; they provide some interesting views on blogging as well as some useful advice.

Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes – Jakob Nielsen is THE web design guru. He knows what he is talking about, so this is a must for any blogger no matter what the platform.

Daily Blog Tips – Steve Snell writes about 11 interesting points to consider when creating your blog.

What Makes Good Blog Design? – Some good information from Vandelay Design on things to consider when designing an effective blog.

20 Pages Every Blogger Should Consider – Darren Rowse writes lots of informative articles for his blog ‘ProBlogger’ but here is a different but still just a useful post on pages you should think about including in your blog.

Loads of Icons For Your Blog – Icons are now becoming common place on a lot of popular web-sites in an effort to make them resemble an OS and therefore better accessibility. Why not add some to your blog, there’s hundreds here.

The Blog Herald – Improve your blog. This article focuses on the Usability of your blog design, something that is often ignored.

99 Ways to Improve Your Blog – A huge list of tips and tricks to make your blog work. Not all of them apply to iWeb but a lot can be learnt from this post.

Why Redesign Your Blog – A selection of points as to why you should consider a blog redesign from Blog Oh Blog.

I hope you find something useful on these sites to help you with your blog design. If there are any sites you visit regularly for blogging tips or inspiration let us know, leave a comment.

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  1. Patiently waited for your post. Keep up the great work.

  2. Can you post your blog in iWeb to another hosting site or does it have to be loaded on MobileMe.

    1. Steve,

      You can host your iWeb site, and it’s blog wherever you want, MobileMe or on a private host.


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