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Internet Explorer on your Mac

I have mentioned many times before on this site that if you take your iWeb site seriously you should be testing it in all manner of browsers first before going live. There is no point in spending hours, days or weeks creating a work of art in iWeb if it falls apart as soon as some-one opens it in the worlds most popular browser.If you don’t fancy using the on-line service BrowserShots to test your iWeb masterpiece why not pop along to MacApper, a superb web-site full of tips and tricks for us Mac users.

Don Logic has written a post over on the site called Run Internet Explorer 5/6/7 Natively in OS X which explains how to install Microsoft’s browser on your machine without installing windows. Using an application called Wine it is possible to emulate Windows and therefore install and run most, if not all versions of Internet Explorer.

There is a downside though – it only works with Intel Macs. For PowerPC users like me we are going to keep using BrowserShots (or my wife’s laptop).

You have no excuses!! Let us know how you got on.

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