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Whoops!! There may well be problems with iWeb 3

Well it looks at last, if the new version of iWeb has hit the streets. My copy hasn’t arrived yet (I have to wait for an English version to be sent to me in France) but I have been visiting the various Apple related forums over the last few days and there seems to be problems a plenty following the upgrade.The majority of problems seem to relate to re-publishing sites once they have been opened for the first time in iWeb 09. This seems a little reminiscent of the problems iWeb 08 suffered when Fifrefox 3 was bought out and the photo albums stopped working, or when MobileMe was first introduced toward the end of last year.

The majority of the publishing problems do relate to the FTP side of the application but there have been reports of MobileMe users having similar problems. One recurring bugbear about the FTP uploading now built into iWeb is that it doesn’t allow you to optimize your files first (such as add extra HTML like Google Analytics) before uploading your files to your web host; so if you are buying iWeb 09 for this option alone, you may want to wait for iWeb 10.

Several posters on the Apple iWeb 09 forums are reporting problems uploading to Windows based servers (rather than Linux) so if you plan to use the FTP function, check your web host first.

Another problem that seems to have affected many users is one regarding colors. I have read posts on a few sites of colors not matching logos or page backgrounds as they did in previous versions.

Obviously all of this information is taken from what I have read and I have not yet had a chance to try iWeb out for myself. From what I can gather though, many users seem to be underwhelmed by the whole upgrade (one or two were even regretting it). I for one can’t wait to try it out and as soon as it arrives I shall be sticking it on my Macbook……c’mon La Poste!!

Have you got iWeb 09?? How did the upgrade go for you? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Hi ,

    I receive mine today and i launch it just at the moment ;-))

    if you want to discover it i make an event on my web site tomorrow on saturday at 18 hr french hour, 12 fr HNE . It s on a french website so i imagine you understand french

    the website is

    You ll welcome to give your opinion !!

    Thankx for your website , it s important to share hobby together !!


  2. I just updated a huge Photo Album page with iPhoto ’09 and it no longer shows up on the internet. Turns out you need to REBUILD each and every Album on the page in ’09 for it to work. This will take forever and is ridiculous! You know have to drag the album from iPhoto for it to work. I used to just drag any photo onto the page to add it to the album.

  3. Nope.
    Just to say I too use iWeb 3 (iLife 09 revision) and you can drag and drop photos from iPhoto aswell as from desktop or other places.

    I had no problems whatsoever installing it and updating my site.
    (on an old iBook 1.33)

    To my opinion, new FTP uploading options are really convenient (with the option of uploading only the changes you just made instead of your entire site f.i.).

    For the problem with Google Analytics you have to add a new “HTML Fragment” in the widget panel so you don’t have to manually edit your files prior to sending them to your FTP.


  4. I had a very nice iWeb site published for my friends on MobileMe. iWeb 09 killed the site. It installed and showed all the pages, about 200 pages of images, as unpublished. On publish, it died and killed many of the pages. I had a backup, and and now debating whether to continue using iWeb or move to a more professional product. I can’t believe that it killed basic pages. I can’t tell if it is a memory issue, or some othter coding. I had nothing unusual in the pages, just standard Apple iWeb 08 templates. Oh we… Apple needs to fire some developers and hire some testers before charging for half done releases. Shame shame shame.

  5. I have upgraded to iWeb 09. The first thing I noticed, a wonderful update fixed all the issues with FTP uploading. However, I’m stack with this color problems. iWeb changes the colors making it horribly brighter.

    Does anybody know how to fix it?

  6. I upgraded to Ilife 09 specifically for IWeb as I wanted to publish a website using FTP and not Mobile Me. I started designing the website on Iweb 08 and finished it using Iweb 09. I chose a web host who uses Linux and when about to publish, couldn’t because the FTP settings weren’t working. The web host and I spent several hours yesterday trying different settings, but it just won’t even connect to the server. Do you have tips on what would be the best settings just to connect? I’m so desperate as I boasted already to my business partners that IWeb is so terrific and now I have to look like the fool. Help!

    1. Aileen,

      Thanks for your comment. To begin with, have you upgraded to iWeb 3.0.1 (ie the lastest update). There were some issues with FTP in the original release of iWeb 3 (iWeb 09) which were fixed in the update. If you have updated I would personally try a third party FTP application such as the easy to use and FREE CyberDuck.

      I hope that helps,


  7. Hi Tim
    I read your article with great interest as I am having the same problems with iWeb 08…

    I’ve never had a problem before, but I don’t seem to be getting an answer from anyone on what to do about it.

    Would you have any suggestions, as I use my web-site for my business and re-publish at least once a week.

    Like your site by the way…

    Take care

  8. Lynne,

    Can you explain what problem you are having, there seems to be a few mentioned here; which one are you having?


  9. Hi Tim
    I just can’t re-publish my site…

    All my pages are showing up pink on the side (as they should when you click publish) but iWeb crashes just before the drop-down should appear saying ‘Publishing will continue in the background’.

    I’ve tried re-publishing a few times, but get the same result…
    It’s sooo frustrating as you can imagine.

    I did nothing different to what I would normally do.
    I have a .mac account but also go through Supanames.

    Thanks for getting back so quickly

    1. Lynne, are you able to ‘publish to a folder’? If you haven’t already could you give it a try.


  10. Hi Tim
    I’ve managed to publish it all to a folder (never done that before)! What do I do now?


    1. Lynne,

      You can now copy/paste from the folder where you saved the site to your iDisk. You can do it all in Finder. When you look at your iDisk you should see a folder called ‘sites’ and within that there will be a folder that holds your current site.

      I hope that helps,


  11. Hi Tim
    the folder isn’t in iDisk.
    I was asked to choose a folder (I chose Sites) I’m trying again now choosing iDisk from the drop-down menu.
    (You can probably tell I’ve never saved anything to my iDisk before!)


  12. Hi Tim
    I’ve located the file, its come up under SHOP in my iDisk.

    In it there is feed.xml, home_files, index.html, media and scripts.
    Which one would be my current site?

    Also, where do I paste it onto?

    I am a bit of a novice as you can tell!



    Ever since .mac ( changed to ( I have been unable to make editorial & content changes. The changes are made in the iweb 09 wysiwyg editor, but the changes do not publish.

    As an example, I’ve been trying to remove one of my older Technology Videos called “Hi-Def Report”, and I have removed the page from iweb, yet it remains on my site, no matter what I do, or how many times I publish.

    I am running iWeb 09 3.0.1 on a MacPowerBook. Help and ideas would be greatly appreciated

    1. Robert,

      Just a suggestion as I don’t have a MobileMe account, but have you tried moving the folder containing your iWeb site off your iDisk and then publishing afresh as it were? Just make sure you don’t delete the old site, just rename it or cut n paste it somewhere safe.


  14. I got an older Mac Powerbook with the Adobe suite,Dreamweaver was daunting so I tried IiWeb 088 then updated thinking that would solve some issues…what a mistake!!! I have noticed that Apple is doing the whole let’s upgrade everything as often as possible routine like Windows has done. What a terrible time from creation to upload to going to the server and modifying code so the site on my machine and the server both work correctly. Somewhere along the way my coding got changed, all the capitals went away… now nothing links correctly!!!

    It has taken days and days to fix and its still not done with all the references that need to change.

  15. After the upgrade to 09, I moved some pages around. In doing so the photos on those pages disappeared when published. They are fine within the program (iWeb).

    I tried building and publishing a new photo page and the same thing happens. The photos are transferred to the server, but don’t show up on the page in the browser.


    No photos in any of the albums.

    This is what happened to pages built in 08 and modified in 09.

    Same sort of crap you’d expect from Microsoft.

  17. In doing some experimenting, I found that the problem is caused when the files are transferred to the server.

    I transferred a page of photos that I didn’t modify in iWeb 09 and the same thing happened. The photos do not appear when the page is loaded in any browser. I tried, Safari and Firefox on my iMac and IE and Firefox on my PC with the same results.

    I am using Yummy FTP, and my iWeb has the latest updates. This is an iWeb 09 problem as everything has been working fine using exactly the same software and procedures as I did with 08 iWeb for over a year.

  18. i used the latest iweb to build my site and once it’s published, it looks different from what i saw in iweb. on my site i have my name centered on the screen, but when i use someone else’s computer, the name is off centered to the right. AND it’s in a completely different font.

    i also made my wife’s website and the graphic that is supposed to be at the top of each page (a jpeg image) doesn’t even show up.

    any recommendations? i don’t remember having these problems with my previous version of iweb.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. Can you let us have the URL so I can take a look. Also, did you try clearing your browser’s cache before rechecking your sites?


  19. Please help.
    Im using the new Iweb, it does not give me an option to (Publish to a folder) like the past one did.

    Now i have no idea how to get my new site into a format that i can upload to my own .com

    If you know how i can get around this please let me know.

    Thank you.

  20. Hello,

    I upgraded to the latest version of iWeb when it first came out, plus have made all the necessary updates between now and then. But for the life of me, I can’t get iWeb to save anything! It doesn’t seem to matter where I’m trying to publish it (folder, FTP or MobileMe), but it gets about a quarter of the way through processing the files, then quits. It’s getting to be really frustrating, as I’ve not been able to update my website in weeks! Almost thinking about downgrading back to iLife ’08, but I’m not sure where the glitch is in the system. Anyone else having this problem?!

    Thank you.

  21. what a piece of crap…across the board. my hard drive failed, so i lost iweb. i did, however, have backups of both site files. however, you can’t open any of those files with iweb. it’s useless. the only “support” apple offers is that when this occurs, you have to manually rebuild every page of every site. i wish that steve jobs would stop updating ipods and start working on useful software.

    i was originally so pleased with the software – so easy to use vs. the clunkiness of dreamweaver, but what’s the point if you can’t use it to edit what you originally used it to create? pointless.

    1. Bill,

      I hate it when that happens. You have to make sure you are backing up the Domain file not just saving your sites to a folder. I published a tutorial a while ag just before iWeb 09 got released:

      I hope that helps for the future.


  22. I uploaded photos from our church children’s christmas pageant right after the service… then at home did some color fixes, and
    when I went to open it and change the photos…. iweb ’09 crashed on takeoff… did not get airborne…. Spent 2 hours with applecare… stumped them completely. They had me run an app they sent and send it back for the “engineers” to check out….
    I ran all the tricks I knew of… but to no avail…. so I guess its back to Dreamweaver….. sniff…. I got my new mac last august and have been very happy with it, even have snow leopard running and up until yesterday, had few if any challenges…

  23. I have had nothing but lock-up problems with iPhoto 09. Specifically, after I download photos and go to full screen to review them (and delete the fuzzy ones) it just LOCKS UP like a Microsoft product! TOTAL. DEAD in the WATER FREEZE. I have to end up shutting it down with the power button and then restarting it. I am thinking about downgrading back to ’08… but I read that I cannot download just iPhoto; I have to downgrade back down to the entire iLife! My question is, If I downgrade my iLife 09 back to ’08, will I be able to still use my current iWeb files? I do my Church’s website and it would take me a VERY LONG TIME to re-do it all, as there are over 50 pages there. I am running LEOPARD v. 10.5.8 on a 2003 dual 2.0 Ghz G5 dualie with 512 KB L2 Cache per CPU, with 8 Gigs of Ram and I just put two 1.5 Tb hard drives in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Also, can I upgrade my CPU L2 Caches? maybe that would resolve the problem?)

  24. I’ve been afraid to update to iLife ’09 because I hear soooo many crazy things about it. The ONE thing that I’ve heard and like is the new FTP publisher built into iWeb. In ’08 you have to Publish all of the sites to a folder when using FTP. If you’re working with multiple site this could take forever just to make changes to one, but besides that ’08 works fine if you know what you’re doing.

    One thing people might want to try when using iWeb, might take a little more work but, host some of your images on your server then copy and paste the image source code into the HTML widget on iweb. This way iWeb isn’t in total control of your file sizes. I also use “iframe” from other sites like Blogger instead of my iWeb blog function, which I admit is rather slow and clunky in operation.

    I NEVER upload video directly to my site, I always use one of the many video hosts out there. If you don’t like the youtube look, you should try Their flash players have a very clean, streamlined look if you need that.

  25. I created this site and upgraded to 09 and i had to redo the entire site. Which i did and now the site will only open the home page on firefox, i cannot access and of the other pages. If I open it on explorer everything works. Can anyone please help me to get it working correctly.

  26. Meghan,

    I am having a similar problem with the different browsers. When I open my page in Safari, everything shows up fine. But when I open my site in Firefox, boxes appear around some of the text. Anybody have an clue to why this happens? By the way, the website is unfinished, only the home page works.


  27. The boxes happen in Firefox because you’re using a “shadow” around the object/text. Firefox doesn’t seem to play nice with this. If you’re adding the shadow because it’s a non web friendly font then change the opacity to 1%. If it’s already a web friendly font then just take the shadow off.

    FYI – adding shadow to a font causes the text to be a picture therefore not searchable by google/yahoo etc.

  28. I had been happy with iweb – especially with media. I would use the export for web option in quicktime where it creates a folder for your video – you cut and paste the html code it generates into the html widget in iweb and then make sure to upload the other contents of the folder into the matching folder iweb generated folder on my ftp site – SINCE the upgrade to 09, any video i put on iweb in this way does not appear after i upload it.

    for example – here is a page done in this fashion with 08:

    and here is a page done in this fashion with 09:

    the 09 one is completely blank where there should be a quicktime – i did everything the same as I had before.

    any one else have this problem?

  29. I love my Mac an iWeb but 2 days ago, out of the blue, it crashed while publishing changes to the site. Error messages states possible FTPkit plug-in issue but I can’t find anything that helps.

  30. I’ve recently bought a mac and decided to redo my website using iweb 09 because although my site looked ok, it was using MS Publisher which is really not meant as a web design. I finally finished creating my site, tested my connection which was successful but kept getting error messages (FTPKit Plug-in error & either I don’t have administrative permission or the file is full). I first got the admin/file full error and after deleting the files off my website, I now get the plug-in error which causes iweb 09 to crash. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  31. It’s installed and it sucks. Buggy as hell. Six hours this morning trying to get a site to publish to a folder. Can I downgrade?

  32. I recently re did my site in I web and now it looks crap
    the pages come up really small.
    I worked out that I could enlarge the pages in the inspector but it still looks crap.
    wish I had left it alone now.
    Any one know what I am doing wrong or is just iweb is crap??

  33. Ok update
    It looks ok in Safari but not Google chrome.
    Altered page widths to get it better now it will not publish (unknown error)

  34. Deleted the Gallery restarted mac book and it published ok but stil shows the gallery link on the home page which is not there now and still looks crap in google chrome.
    Any Ideas guys
    Not web savvy as you most probably gathered


  35. Hello
    I’m currently working on my website using Iweb 09…what happened is that last time I saved my changes was all fine and then as I’m trying to reopen the page it does charge as if it is about to read the information…but then it doesn’t show anything!
    All the information are there it just doesn’t show them when I open I web, I also tryed to open it from the library but I experienced the same problem…I’m ratically stuck and it doesn’t let me open a new page either if i would like to give it another try…what should I do????
    thanx a lot for taking the time of reading this

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