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iWeb 3.0.1 Upgrade – did it work for you?

Apple announced an update to iWeb 09 on 26 Mar, stating that it would address issues when publishing to FTP servers as well as other minor issues. Since iWeb 09 went live I have received loads of e-mails from iWeb users saying that they were having problems uploading to their web space via FTP and the list of posts on the Apple iWeb forums has been tremendous.

I have been recommending that users still continue as with iWeb 08 and use a third party FTP application such as Cyberduck. Not only can you still make changes to the code if you want to but it is clever enough to only publish changed pages. The FTP section of iWeb does have some mileage in it though, if you are happy just to publish what you have without the need for Google Analytics etc.

It is good to see that Apple are responding to the desperate cries of their customers though, all we need to do now is shout louder about direct access to the HTML before we publish!!

What I am keen to know though, has the update solved your problems or do they still remain? Please feel free to leave a comment, I would be genuinely interested to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Just saw this post:

    Latest iWeb Update Causes Major Bug

    “…in the latest version of iWeb it’s no longer feasible to do that, because every time you hit the Publish Site button it republishes your entire website.”

  2. Nope… Still a Mess! Finally gave up posted my page to my own hosting service instead of mobile me. Working perfect now. (without rss and comments of course)

  3. In addition to what Anthony wrote above, some of my latest MM Galleries are not displayed in iWeb (altough they are existing in my “me” account) ; when i’m using the MM gallery widget, i got “undefined” and no pictures in return. This driving me nuts !

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