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Anchors in iWeb – About time too

iweb_anchors One of the biggest annoyances of iWeb users is the lack of support for Anchors in iWeb. I have seen loads of ‘iWeb Wishlists’ requesting such a feature but it hasn’t been forthcoming. If you don’t know already anchors are (put simply) a way of linking one element of your page with another element further down (or up) the page. They are often best demonstrated on FAQ pages where all the questions are listed at the top of the page and the answers are lower down; when you click on a question you get taken straight to the relevant answer.

Until recently the only way to achieve this effect was to edit the HTML in your page and add a bit of Javascript here and there; people used this method but found it complex.

Now the effect is easily achievable thanks to one bright iWeb user and he has published a ‘how-to’ on his iweb-site. This is a foolproof method of inserting anchors into your iWeb site without needing to know any coding at all. There is no editing of your iWeb sites HTML, everything is done with the HTML Snippet. It’s so simple, why didn’t we think of it before?

Here’s the full URL:

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  1. hi
    thank you for all you are doing with your web site .
    i would like to ask you there is something like anchors that can go from one parte of a page to other one .
    i would like to use it in

    the babyinfo is too large , if posible to make hiperlinks
    i tried to use the tutorial of anchors but don t work, you can see it
    my website is :
    thank you so much

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