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When I ran my last post of a collection of well designed iWeb sites I didn’t expect it to be as popular as it was/still is; so I thought it was time that I ran another. I got myself a cup of coffee, put on iTunes and settled down to find some good-looking iWeb design.

And here they all are, I hope you enjoy them. As with my previous post if you think your site deserves a mention drop me a line.


D3tails Design Group – iWeb 2.0.4 – Lovely use of shadow images giving a clean feel to this site.


Rodrigo Buldrini Graphic Designer – iWeb 3.0.1 – Another clean site with lots of whitespace.


Dlinexsign – iWeb 2.0.4 – Clean, crisp modern design where the photos take center stage.


Fabetifier – iWeb  3 – Another designers site with minimalist design.


Gilles Belley – iWeb 2.0.4 – A fantastic and different way of using iWeb to show off work.


Gr8 Illustration – iWeb 2.0.4 – nice logo, great graphics and iWeb too!!


Illustra Graphics – iWeb 3.0.1 – Subtle use of a shadow again lifts the page from the screen.


Manzanaro – iWeb 2.0.4 – I love the look of this site, very modern and arty.


Nezih – iWeb 3.0.1 – At last a photographer not using the Darkroom theme.


PDX Designs – iWeb 2.0.4 – a creative designer with some great images. I’m loving the grass background.


Reynie Lane – iWeb 3 – Nice nav-bar and clever use of the shadows once again.


Sally Bennett – iWeb 3.0.1 – Beauty therapist with a very professional looking site.


Shop Milwaukie – iWeb 3.0.1 – nice typography here as well as good imagery.


Withamousedesign – iWeb 3.0.1 – More white space giving a clean design with a subtle logo in the background.

If you know of any really well designed and beautiful looking iWeb sites, leave a comment or drop me a line.

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  1. Nice sites, you can visit mine here: http://enuki.dk/Home.html everything is made in i’web very simple and clean. Hope you like it.

  2. Ow man, these sites make me wanna redesign my site again, which i just finished. So I rather wait a while.

    but thanks for the inspiration again.

  3. […] Read this article: More beautiful iWeb sites | All About iWeb […]

  4. Good web sites here is mine http://www.alpuyeca.net not bad for 6 months of ever using iweb !!

  5. I think this site looks just as good as the others, NOT CHOSEN THOUGH?

  6. I’m taking a look to all those site and i think that mine very simple one can maybe be invit around the table : http://www.diversy.fr . see you guys…

  7. Hi,
    I love seeing what people can come up with in iWeb.
    A great list. I look forward to seeing more.

    I always have fun pushing the boundaries of the app.

    Here is my website all done in iWeb :

    It is amazing what can be achieved with the html web snippets!

  8. I love your blog. Now I know where to go for tips on using iWeb. We just launched my wife’s business blog last night. Check it out: thepowerofhair.com

  9. Here’s a website I created for my hockey team. Check it out at http://www.kaoshockey.com.

  10. I created our company’s website using iweb!! check it out!

  11. Hi my friend, thanks to add my site (www.robuldrini.com.br)in “More Beautiful iWeb Sites”. But the name is wrong (Dados Design). The real name is “Rodrigo Buldrini Graphic Designer”. Again, thanks and congratulations for site.

    1. Rodrigo,

      Sorry for the error, all changed now.


  12. Awesome website! I just finished our ministry website too and it just happened when I saw these nice iWeb made websites. My website looks good in Safari…. I don’t know.

  13. These sites look awesome. At work we have IE6 (booo!) and most of them still loaded. My question is how do they get their iwebsites to work in IE6. on my website http://www.careerinformationhub.com IE6 does some crazy things to it. I believe in other versions of IE it looks fine but I would definitely like to take my iwebsite to another level as some of these artists have.

  14. Mine are both in iweb http://www.brad-clark.com and http://www.broken-vault.com

    Let me know what you guys think.


  15. I am new to iWeb and web design. I just published my website via 3rd party FTP 2 weeks ago. It’s a work in progress.


    After working with iWeb the last couple of weeks, I have made a huge wish list of features which I sent to Apple.

    Maybe Apple needs to come out with iWeb Pro.

  16. cool site designs, i would like to know if it is possible to create drop down nav bars in iweb….any help?

  17. Great inspiration to keep going with my own site! I have been using iWeb for about four months and I created this site for my photography work.


  18. Great sites! I’ve only been playing with iWeb for a couple of weeks now, you can see the results at http://www.ferigan.com

    Now I just need to find somewhere faster to host it (but not costing the earth!)

  19. Just designed my website, check it out and let me know what you think.

  20. Sergio,

    Nice site. If you don´t mind me asking, why the splash screen?


  21. These are great , but for a newbie like me, I haven’t seen the question asked…HOW are they doing these websites? What are they doing to get around the limitations of the default template schemes? Some step-by-steps would be appreciated.

  22. I think you have a broken link for Sally Bennett’s web site. Saw it on your site and wanted a closer look but didn’t work. I found her http://www.sallybennett.co.uk and was even more impressed as it has Subscibe, flash, iFrames etc.
    Try and get the link fixed as it’s well worth a look at and see that there are no ceilings in iWeb.


    1. Best iweb site i’ve found. How do you achieve the flash-style dessolve images?



  23. Thanks Nikki,

    It’s all fixed now. I agree with you, the site really does do iWeb justice.


  24. I, admittedly, an NOT a web designer. That said, please offer some advice on simple design/placement changes I could make to my iWeb site that would make it more contemporary/less cluttered. Thank you!

  25. Hey! i was wondering if maybe youhelp me, cause ive started messing around with iweb, and im having trouble trying to add some small flash animations i created for the site…

    The thing is that i want to remove the background (make it transparent) of my animation in flash, but i cant!

    I read that in flash i had to do the following:

    File menu -> Publish Settings -> HTML Tab
    Look for WMODE setting and select transparent for it. Then publish to produce your HTML code.

    but i got nothing, the background still doesnt changes, any ideas?

  26. Never mind, I saw your tutorials further back. I stumbled into this page *grin*

  27. Check out this website and please comment


    David Nofri

  28. thanks allaboutiweb.com

    really, u r a great help.

    you might as well check mine,


    Richel Onda

  29. http://www.grevillelodge.co.uk

    Just bought this house and decided it needed a web site to list it’s history

    Hope you like the design – Black and White Rules !!

    (Can I link to flickr with a widgit to display the latest uploads within the Iweb screen ?)

  30. Check out the Sally Bennett site. Anyone know how to make the picture box that changes like the big one on the right of that site?

  31. I worked real hard to make my site NOT look like it was made on iWeb. It is amazing just what you can do with iWeb.

  32. Second version of my site.

  33. Nice and simple.

  34. I love your site! I created this website for a friend of mine who came up with the idea of a Christian Ministry through playing the game of Scrabble! I would love to know what you think. It’s my first attempt at creating a website, using FTP, etc. I’m using iweb 3.0. Thanks, Dee

  35. like they say… made on a Mac !

  36. I tried html without any luck at all, then finally got a macbook pro and within weeks built my site! 100% from iweb! As a jewelry designer I needed something fashionable and modern yet fairly simple while conveying our brand image.
    Check it out at http://www.gemeladesign.com
    Feedback is welcomed!!!
    Also any recommendations of ways to sell things through an iweb site? thanks!

  37. I created this on iweb.. does anybody have any advice.. it’s still new i wish i could add some flash i just never was able to get it to work.. email me if you have any good ideas.. thanks.. –JZ

  38. Hey,

    We’ve just written our first customised Facebook page in iWeb. It was tough going to work it all out, but it’s definitely pulling in the likes


    Give me a shout if you want more info.

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