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Safari 4 is out now!

safari_iconMany of us were waiting for the latest Apple news and releases that are part of the Keynote speech at the WWDC every year and aside from the updated Macbooks, the new iPhone and of course Snow Leopard the release of Safari 4 was mentioned.

As one of the only browsers around to get 100/100 from the Acid3 test for browsers it’s good news (IE8 only got 21/100, oh dear).

As I mentioned when I reviewed the Beta version earlier on in the year it has a vastly improved web developers toolbar that can come in very handy indeed.

Why don’t you run your Software Update in System Preferences and download the 43.8Mb file now.

Here is the official blurb from Apple:


Safari is the fastest and most innovative web browser for Mac and PC.

Now, with Safari 4, you can choose your favorite sites from a stunning wall of graphical previews with Top Sites. Flip through websites as easily as you flip through albums in iTunes with Cover Flow. Easily retrieve sites you’ve seen before with Full History Search.

Alternatively you can download it from the Apple Safari web site here.

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  1. I love the new front page to safari, very smart

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