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Does your iWeb site have a privacy policy?

It’s an honest question. Judging by the amount of people who have read my iWeb tutorial post on adding a contact form to an iWeb site many of you want some way for your site visitors to be able to contact you.

If you are asking your visitors to complete a form that collects information (ie name, e-mail address or site URL) thaen perhaps it would be wise to let them know what you are going to do with this information.

In fact in some countries now it is law that a web-site that collects personal information does just that; lets its users know what will happen to the information that is collected.

The main reason you have to provide a privacy policy is to offer your site’s visitors a little bit of peace of mind. Let them know that you won’t be selling their personal details to the nearest spam merchant for the best price you can get.

Internet research has repeatedly shown that many consumers are reluctant to engage in electronic transactions because of concerns about the privacy of their personal data.

The OECD web-site.

Privacy policies don’t have to be complicated either. You don’t need a degree in law to write one. Take a look at my contact page and you will see mine is just a few lines explaining that I will do nothing with the information you provide unless the ‘old bill’ come knocking on my door and tell me I have to.

And the good news is that there are some clever people on the Internet who have spent the time building privacy policy generators so that you don’t even have to think about what to write; just answer a few simple questions and hey presto! Check these out;

The OECD Privacy Policy Generator

SERP Rank Privacy Policy Maker for Advertisers

DMA Privacy Policy Generator

WebDevTips Privacy Policy Generator

Don’t think that you have to have a business or e-commerce iWeb site to have a privacy policy. Any web-site that collects personal information of any kind should add one now.

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  3. Here is my policy:

    and I got it free from here: with my other policies: Copyright, Cookies and Disclaimer.


  4. I really like the policy generators, that’s helpful! Thanks!

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