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There’s good news and bad news.

Okay, I hold my hands up. I made a boob. Recently I published a post on All About iWeb that explained how it was possible to add, with the help of an HTML Snippet, header tags to your iWeb site. Well, you can’t.

I had an e-mail from Paul over at Rage software explaining the whys and wherefores of this particular tutorial and so I had to pull it.

In a nutshell when you create an HTML Snippet in iWeb, rather than insert the code straight into the page (as I believed it did) iWeb acutally creates a separate page with the code on.

It saves this code in the site’s folder and just adds a link from the main page back to the relevant HTML Snippet page.

This all means that the header tags do not appear on the right page at all and so make no effect on your SEO whatsoever.

What can I say? I am sorry for publishing a tutorial that didn’t do what it described, but at least I have learnt a few things now; most importantly, check the iWeb code before I add anymore HTML Snippets.

Of course this has made me more determined to get header tags into iWeb and I shall be working on a tutorial over the next few days/nights.

And now the good news.

As I mentioned above it was a nice chap by the name of Paul from Rage software who highlighted the problem to me regarding the header tags because it is something they have been asked to put in their iWeb SEO tool. Well he let me into a little secret; Rage are about to release an update to the iWeb SEO tool which will enable you to add Google Analytics to your iWeb site without much fuss at all. No more searching through your code for the </head> tag anymore.

And on top of that, he also gave me 5 licenses for their Google Sitemap Automater to give away on All About iWeb, so watch this space for a competition very soon.

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  1. Hey Excellent about the 5 licenses for the Sitemap program from Rage, I use it all the time, and it is very easy to use.

    For a iWeb builder I highly suggest buying all of the programs from rage for SEO purposes, which can be purchased in a bundle.

  2. I will be soo soo happy for the day when I can correctly and easily add google analytics to my page, please let us know when that update comes out because I am excited!

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  4. My biggest problem with any of the SEO tools that change the page title, add keywords, etc., is that they all break blog comments. If you can come up with a way that doesn’t break blog comments, you’re a hero!

  5. I have found I can add Google analytics quite easily by placing the meta code provided by Google into the index file that sits in the Sites folder.
    One pain though is that a Sitemap has to be reinserted into the websites files every time the website is republished in iWeb, I don’t understand why iWeb can’t have a preference to create a Sitemap file when publishing.
    One of those funny mac things!

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