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Another collection of inspirational iWeb sites

It’s been a while since I ran one of these posts despite the fact that I enjoy nothing more than searching the WWW for good looking sites built with iWeb. So to get you in the mood for a bit of iWeb design this weekend here is the latest collection of sites for your delectation. You can click on the site title to visit the site itself. Enjoy!

You may remember the last time I ran one of these posts I featured a Dutch site called Cottonmouth. Well they’ve come up with a new site, built in iWeb 3.0.1 that looks just as fantastic.


Lots of whitespace, clear navigation and they even use the iWeb 3 countdown timer.

Attic Tea

I love wooden backgrounds, especially when the rest of the site looks good too.


A slightly grungy feel to this site, built in iWeb 3.0.1, with the hand-drawn style lines and distressed background image.


Aaron Gibson

A lovely looking iWeb site with beautiful yet subtle colors. I love the image in the top left of the screen.


e-QAS Training

A modern looking iWeb site which is easy to navigate. Again, plenty of whitespace.


Gecco Aventure

A great looking French site (although I would lose the comic font) with an eye catching logo.


Quirk Design

Navigation is easy and the colors give great contrast. This site is laid out well so as not to be too cluttered.


Take Sumi

A fantastic looking business site made in iWeb 3.0.1. Don’t you just think the green color of the header image is amazing?


Tomasz Biernat Design

Some really great logo artwork on this MobileMe hosted iWeb site, once again built in iWeb 3.o.1


Right Arm Construction

Another iWeb site showing just how easy it is to build a business related site in iWeb.

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  1. A lot of great designs here. Good inspiration for building my current site.

  2. Thanks so much for showing off our site. We’re pretty proud of this new design but even more excited about the new section we’ll be launching soon. Thanks again.

  3. Anyone knows how to make a diasshow like the one at ftbllshrts?

  4. Hi Tim!
    Great Post.

    @Victor Skytte – what do you mean exactly? The product-pictures above, the Fans from twitter or the Twitpic?

  5. […] e-QAS Website makes the grade By eqastraining The e-QAS website has been picked by the biggest iWeb FAQ site as one of the most inspirational websites, you can see the full list here […]

  6. @Victor Skytte

    That’s a simple GIF animation, made with Photoshop CS3 (animation)or Photoshop CS2 – Imageready.

  7. Wow, great sites. I’m definitely doing something wrong. I cannot get my pages that wide. I posted this dilemma on one of your other entries. I’ve been using iweb since its beginning but am now using ’09 version. Is there a setting to get the page wider? My editable area is just down the middle and I have huge sidebars that I can’t touch. I have asked at the apple store in the past and they say that’s just the iweb design but after seeing these sites, obviously not! Any suggestions?

    1. You change the width of the page within iWeb’s Inspector. All you have to do then is make the textboxes larger to fit.

  8. How do you have a way to “log in” and have a shopping cart using iWeb?

  9. Hi T,

    Today we launched our online shop using iWeb and paypal. If this is the sort of thing you’re after, it wasn’t too hard just a little time consuming.

  10. I love these! I’ve been using iWeb for my blog for almost a year, and just redesigned my site using the Modern template as my basis. I relied a lot on the tips on your site and was inspired by iWeb sites you’ve highlighted. While I’m still relying heavily on the template, I’m happy that my site has a personal touch and doesn’t look like every other blog out there. Thanks so much for the tips & inspiration!

    1. Thanks Sally, nice cartoon you!!

  11. Is there a way to create a slideshow in iWeb? Similar to the ones displayed on Magazine web templates?

  12. hello- came across this blog today- I see rounded corners of photo’s- how do I go about doing this? in Photoshop? As i don’t want frames/ borders on the pics.

    if my answer is somewhere already please direct me to the link.

  13. Does anyone know how to set up online store like FTBLL TSHIRT did? http://ftblltshrts.spreadshirt.nl/nglnd-A11779882/customize/color/5

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