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One iWeb blog – lots of iWeb blog authors

This is a question I have been asked a lot of times; ‘I have created a blog in iWeb and I want several people to contribute, how do I do it?’

It’s a common problem with iWeb particularly for business based sites with several employers or a band with a few musicians, how to get multiple users to write in the same blog. Well, there are a couple of solutions and in this post I want to explain the easiest of them.

To begin with each blog author will have to own (or be able to have access to) a Mac. As you know, iWeb is only available for the Mac so if all of the other authors use PCs then you can stop reading now.

The rest is simple. Once your blog has been started and published all you need to do is take a copy of your ‘Domain’ file and save it online with a file sharing site.

Where’s your domain file I hear you cry? Open ‘Finder’ and in your home directory open you ‘Library’ folder.


Next, open you ‘Application Support’ folder and scroll down to your ‘iWeb’ folder.

Open that and inside you will find your domain file. As I said above, make a copy and put it somewhere online where all of the other blog authors can have access.


It may be a good idea if you have several other iWeb sites that you keep the blog’s domain file separate (you don’t want your other sites getting mucked up).

As an experiment if you removed your domain file from the iWeb folder and put it somewhere safe then started iWeb up once again, iWeb would create a new domain file within that same folder all ready to create a new site.

I would also recommend when you save the domain file online you add the date and time you used it to the file name. That way it would be easy to tell when the last update was made at a glance by any of the authors.

To add a post to your blog all an author would have to do is go online, download the domain file and copy it to their iWeb folder (as above) remembering to save their own domain file somewhere safe first.

Once they had written the post they can publish as normal then upload the newer domain file back online for the next author. They should then delete the domain file from their Mac so as to prevent confusion.

Now there is nothing stopping you getting multiple authors for your iWeb blog, have a go.

Do you already have multiple iWeb blog authors? Leave a link in the comments and let us take a look.

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  1. I am wondering about this approach. [have not tried it yet.] Using a publish to ftp approach. Each contributor has a working copy of the site on their Mac in the site folder. Plus they get an [auto] email and /or RSS update when something new is posted. When they are ready to post, they run yummy [ftp software] for example and synchronize the site.

  2. Am re-making existing site with iweb….
    Problem: how to make a thumbnail picture expand to larger view. My solution so far is to use a hyper-link to larger picture on another page.
    Does this mean that I need two sets of pictures (one small/one large) to keep site size down …for faster loading.
    Also, how can size of site be determined?

  3. Actually, Dropbox(.com) works nicely for the Domain files. You don’t have to re-upload and download. Just open the file, save it, and close. And its free.

  4. I have been using Dropbox for this exact thing to sync my iWeb Domain files twixt my iMac at home and my MacBook Pro for editing websites when at either computer- especially works well for blogging from the notebook. Make a folder in your Dropbox folder (titled mine “iWeb”) and drag your Domain file in it. Then double click the domain file and iWeb will open it and remember this as the default location. Next go to your other Mac (with Dropbox installed) and locate the domain file in Dropbox- double click it and iWeb will open it as the default file as well. If you already have a website built with iWeb, please make a copy of the original domain file before attempting any of these steps.

  5. Hi all, I’m interested in using Dropbox with iWeb but falling at the first hurdles:

    1. iWeb doesn’t have a open file option. Will it work by double clicking a file name?

    2. How do I find the directory / file name for a previously created site?


  6. Do all the authors require a mobileme account?

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