Apparently iLife 11 is coming soon

That’s right folks. If you live in France and have been reading many of the Mac related web-sites that are available you may well have already seen the various posts that have appeared very recently.

And these posts are all saying the same thing, iLife 11 is coming out next month.

I know, I can’t believe it too. I have seen loads of these posts before so I am taking it all with a pinch of salt but it would be nice wouldn’t it.

The story first came to light on Mac4Ever and was repeated on MacGeneration and you can view their iLife 11 post over at their site, but here’s a quick translation in my best English from French.

The next iLife will be available on Saturday & August priced $79, received in confidence by Mac4Ever but the site is remaining secret about. The collection of applications will be in 64 bit with (and here’s the best bit-Tim) iWeb being the most re-examined (woohoo-Tim), a completely new application but there are no details of it and iDvd is staying the same but perhaps with remote downloading(? my crap translation).

Faces and Places in iPhoto is being improved and will be tied in with MobileMe and there will be more integration with social networks such as Flickr and Facebook throughout iLife 11.

Mac4Ever seems to think that iDvd will disappear from the disk and become a download similar to iMovie 08.

Anyway, you can read both posts (in French) by visiting either of the links below, and I like I said earlier, perhaps take it with a pinch of salt.



Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Tim, if I may help with translation:

    “The iLife would be available next Saturday, August 7, for $ 79, a secret tip received from Mac4Ever but that the site remains cautious. The collection of software would come in 64-bit, iWeb has been widely reviewed (no other details), a new application (without further specification on its nature) would be added, while iDVD come out of the suite, but be offered for download.

    Faces and Places in iPhoto will be improved (and would be available on MobileMe), as well as the integration of social networks (rather crude it is true in current state with Facebook and Flickr in iLife ’09).” (use Google translate and doctored it a little)

    This is exiting, I have been commenting on a previous comment that we may not see a new Iweb until October or January, I might be wrong (I hope).
    I’m looking forward to a new version soon.
    Let’s cross fingers.

    1. Thanks Thierry, You’d never guessed I’d lived in France for 3 years!!!

  2. Well, my wife spent two years in france in 2006 and 2008, I’m sure her French is worse than yours… (please do not tell her)


    PS: It is strange that the rumors of Ilife 11 showed up in France, I have not read anything here is the US.

  3. It looks like English sites pick up the “news” now:

    Will see, but it’s true that a release date on Saturday this is not like Apple.
    May be September or October, nonetheless I’m existed.

  4. Tim have some french reader ;-)) me …

  5. ad other one were we speak about the new soft in life .. and in the rumor , we speak about some great news … javscript css and html in iweb … so i imagine html5 and a beast int/gration of javascript and css

  6. We are the 18th and nothing happened yesterday. I think the source is not trustworthy. That’s to bad I was looking for this update. May be today or next week or next month or next year :-/

  7. Finally a good news:

    The new Mac OS is coming so that’s mean most likely ILife 11 will be included n next week presentation.

    The new Mac OS look like a “Lion”.

    I’m happy

    PS: I mentionned back in August to some people that October or November will seems more accurate than August for the Mac refresher, I was right.

    1. Thierry,

      It is good news isn’t it? I can’t wait. Hopefully Apple will stream it live on like they did with the last one!


  8. I hope so too, I’m soo excited to see the new ILife. Not sure what Mac OS X Lion will bring us.

  9. Come on its been a long time coming!

  10. yes, finally iLife ’11 arrived but with nothing new in iWeb…

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